House Crush #1

Hello,  I’m back!

And what’s more, with a brand new blog theme! I hope you like it. It’s still my old theme Bueno but with some couple of changes. I want to talk about blog stuff later.
With my blog theme, I found myself inside of a serious urge of change. I’m all over arranging our house again. As it’s not our own house (we’re tenants, not owners ) we can not make radical changes. So my urge is not satisfied and I keep looking at magazines and blogs to save some ideas for future for our big dream house!
This house below belongs to Emma Persson Lagerberg and her lovely family. ( Her husband is the drummer of The Cardigans ) 

Photos by Petra Bindel for Elle Interior
In a word ; gorgeous!  Everything and every detail about the house is perfect. This house of Lagerberg family makes me wanna dream about our  house…

One thought on “House Crush #1

  1. It’s all so white and pretty! How do they keep it looking so amazing with 2 kids?! I’m with you on the house dreaming…I find myself searching for homes, furniture and design ideas and we’re at least a year away from house hunting

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