Five Things J’adore ♥ // Only For Him

Actually it’s super easy to buy a gift for my beloved one. It can be anything related to his car, any kind of mechanics tools or just buy a wrist watch. ( He has a collection and can’t say no to watches.) This is how when you are married to an engineer…

Below, you’ll find things written and notted on my planner, for the desperate days. And no, there are no socks in this list, by no means…

for him

1. Pug Mug by Kenneth Cole: Oh yes so manly so cool! Here. /// 2. In God We Trust Flask: In fact I’ve bought one of this IGWT Flasks and he loves it. Here.  /// 3. WeWood Wrist Watch : This is one of the coolest watches I’ve ever seen! ( Trust me, I know it!) They are all 100% natural wood, completely free of toxic chemicals and  moreover, a tree is planted for every purchased WeWood products. This is so Mr.T’s next “something gift”. Here. /// 4. Harris Tweed for Urban Ears Headphones: I was planning to buy these for Mr. T’s coming birthday but plans have changed. But seriously I’m in love with those headphones. Here. /// 5. STJX Green Leather Travel Bag: If your man travels frequently and couple of days business trips are in question, he NEEDS one of those bags. This one is my favorite. Well, it is not affordable for me right now, but i hope one day this bag will be a good present. Here.

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