Sexy Sweaters

Lately there is a sweater craziness around the internet. At least I see on every site and online magazine I read. But they are not classic man or woman sweaters. They are all hd printed.

I did a little research (hehehe) and found out that most of these sweaters are not real. They are photoshopped! And they belong to Alec Weitl. This is where he shares his designs. But the good news is,  he is going to make it happen as soon as he finds the right place to manifacture them.  Oh sure I’m going to be one of his customers!

A few of my favorites;



But in Mr. Gugu&Miss Go’s online shop ( I don’t know they are related with Alec’s designs or not) you can order one of their original sweaters.

all images// courtesy of Sexy Sweatshirts and Mr Gu&Miss Go

5 thoughts on “Sexy Sweaters

  1. Mr. Gugu & Miss Go has taken my money but not delivered the goods. After attempting to get a refund, they stopped talking to me. Think twice before supporting this company.

  2. Seriously? Is there anywhere to report them? I checked again and their shop is on Big Cartel. Maybe you can send an e-mail to inform them?

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