Life Lately





IMG_1196I’m so happy today because yesterday night our new year tree was set up. This year Mr. T suggested not to decorate it “too much” ( like I did last year) and we only used our white and silver ornaments. And only one light…

We still have no idea what we are going to to do on new year’s eve. But most likely, because of Mr. T’s intense schedule we will be at home. To be honest, I’m not looking for a crazy crowded new year party. (I’m more focused on my husband’s birthday just after the new year.) I’m planning to cook a lot and get a little drunk with the cocktails we’ll made.

Last saturday, we were invited to the corporate new year party of Mr. T’s company ( my ex-company as well). All I can say, the food was delicious and leaving that company was the best decision I’ve made. Sure I miss my friends and my relationships with them but seriously, how could they manage to gather all those idiots and wish washies to work for them? 

For 2013, like every year, we have made our new year resolutions. Hubster is still thinking about but I finalized them. 

* Read one book a month : Shame on me…

* Visit my parents more often : I was there last week and I looove spending time with them. This year, as I’m free, I’m planning to spend more time.

* Start back to my exercise routine : After I got back from Paris, I haven’t been working out… So starting from this week I have to start.

* Eat/Drink healthy : Lately we really eat healthy. I even cooked cauliflower last night! We started to to shop regularly from the farmer’s market. I aim to continue on this path.

* Do more research : One thing I love about myself that I used to research a lot. For the past few months, I’m being lazy and I don’t like it. To start, I’ll read the thesis I downloaded a few weeks ago. I’ts about Europe in 16th century and written by a french student of Paris Sourbonne.

And one last thing, I want to start 365 Project again this year. 

Almost one year ago when I posted this, I said “I promise next year It will be a ass kicker!”. As we started a tradition to send new year card to friends and families, this year’s card must be awesome but I still have no idea about it. This weekend, it has to be dealt with severely.

News from the Terziler Mansion. I hope everything is fine there.



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