Hello New Year

My first post in 2013. Yes, farewell to 2012 and hello new year. Right now it is snowing like crazy outside and after one week, I’m back home today.

This is our new year card for 2013. It’s not an original one I know but as I was sick before the 31st of December, we couldn’t take pains for it.

After a calm new year’s eve, I visited my parents and spent a few days with them. The best thing about being an unemployed person is,  I can visit my loves whenever I want and whenever they need me. And the weekend was special because it was Mr.T’s birhtday. He is 30 now! 

Again thanks to our beautiful friends, we had an amazing night. As Mr. T is not a super crazy party person, we arranged a dinner with a crowed group of about 20 people and spent wonderful time together. I also want to thank on behalf of him for the beautiful gifts.

Some good news popped out that night but there’s still time to talk about it.

Special thanks to Gizem who dealed with and took care of this surprise night more than me. 

And thanks to Dr. Strange Love for hosting us in his new house and we had the delicious sunday breakfast after months!

By the way he was given the coolest gift this year. I can not say that I wasn’t jealous. One of them  was my father’s camera. It’s more than 40 years old is in a perfect condition.

You know husband, what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine :)

By the time I got home, a surprise new year card was waiting for me from a precious one. Love you sooo much!

2013 started nice, happy but a bit different for me. I feel like I’ve started another phase in my life. Maybe it’s about this Mayan shit. :)

Mama, Papa, sister, husband ,friends…I love you and wish you a beautiful year. Each day with health, with joy and peace. Each day without tears, stress and trouble. 



6 thoughts on “Hello New Year

  1. the pleasure is mine. i like the pictures. my fuck’ng flat seems like an artists house. ahahaha just with 2 simple books :D

  2. ahahahah where can i find the summer? vacation is perfect solution temporary but sounds great. let’s go, get your flipflop.

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