A Belated New Year’s Gift

Mr. T and I made a music CD that contains our 11 ( actually it was suppossed to be 12 songs ) favorite french songs for our friends as a new year’s gift this year. 

Happy listening!

1. Coralie Clement – La Mer Opale

2. Emily Loizeau – Je Suis Jalouse

3. Pauline Croze – Mise A Nu

4. Amelie Les Crayons – Ta P’tite Flamme

5.  Jane Birkin – Et Quand Bien Meme

6.  Vaya Con Dios – Pauvre Diable

7. Erta Kitt – C’est Si Bon

8. Jacqueline Taieb – 7 Heures Du Matin 

9. Olivia Ruiz – J’Traine Des Pieds

10. Sidney Bechet – Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

11. Thomas Fersen – Au Cafe De La Paix

12. Renan Luce – La Lettre 

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