January 2013

Listening to this album and reporting from the living room sofa, February arrived with a threat of pharyngitis. After 2 days of storing vitamin c and cold&flu medicine, today I can sit.

It’s kind of a cliché but it’s unbelievable how the time flies so fast…It’s been officially 6 months that I’m unemployed. 6 months of stressless, steady life…My only wish for these past 6 months was travelling with Mr. T. It is impossible for us to travel while we are not able to  even planning a weekend together. I was really surprised we could attend events that took place at the weekends of January.

Oh yes January 2013. Maybe the most “active” month of the last 6. It began with Mr. T’s birthday, next weekend my sister got engaged and the next weekend we were  celebrating their engagement and the next weekend there was Pınar’s 30th birthday party which I can not remember the end… I seriously don’t want to drink or smoke for a while…

I make monthly folders for my iPhone photos and every time I find those “…no…” photos. And January was pretty remarkable in this categorie. I can not post them here because not everyone is comfortable about their weird photos and I really don’t want to lose readers…The most innocent ones are below;

I wish to see more “no photos” on February. Please invite us to your parties. ..

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