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It’s been a while since I welcomed a month and write here “personally”. I’m not on a digital detox or something. I just don’t feel like sharing in this time of the year. ( Last year it was the same! Seriously I don’t know what is wrong with me but in this time of year, I feel moody like “swimming in the sea of melancholy” haha. ) I hope it will be over in coming days. 

Actually February was rather nice with plenty of family and friends time. We hosted a “birthday breakfast” for my father and proudly gave him his present:

Truly, there is nothing more pleasing in the whole world than giving gifts to people you love and making them happy…Eventhough they say “one kiss is enough” :)

Also we didn’t know that Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is that good! Husband is thinking to get one for himself.

We were also given some good news during February. One of the oldest friends of my husband is getting married.

They are really funny together and I hope them to be happy forever. I’m looking forward for the wedding in May.

Besides the wedding news, we got used to the “baby news”. One of my collegues gave birth to her second child and my dear friend Zeynel became a father. Next week my closest friend here, Gülden is going to give birth to her third child. Baby fever is on the air. 

In these moody and mostly lonely days, ( yes, husband is still on the busiest schedule on earth!) a few things help me : Reading, running, driving and (not always but) cooking. Right now I’m reading The Happiness Project by Grethen Rubin.

It’s not my genre and sometimes I’m having hard times to continue or not but I can say, a few ideas she gives are honestly good and useful. I frankly don’t have the motivation she has but if you read, I’m sure there will be something for you,too.

To get out of my grumpy mood, I set myself a few monthly goals. Seeing the last page of The Happiness Project is one of them. Also;

• Trying a new recipe once a month

• Eating clean

• Running 70 km/month

• A weekend get away with hubby.

• Accomplish two things from my 31 Things Before 31 List.

• Not to kill anyone.

Last month I tried for the first time to cook carrot soup and it turned out delicious.

This month I’ll try to make a pumpkin tiramisu. I don’t care about how much calories it has, I can proudly say that we’re eating super clean lately. So we deserve it. Last time I remember that we ate out was on Valentine’s Day (it wasn’t a date, I was just craving for pizza).


I cook daily and I can’t believe we are over of 5 kg of oranges in 6 days… 

This month, I want a family union as soon as possible. I also want to visit my friends and spend some time with them. I do want a getaway with my husband and a hair cut. I want these indefinite  days to be over and move on. We want our lives to be molded positively. 

So March, be good to us. We’re not asking too much.



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