March 2013

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Everytime  I post a monthly review in the beginning of the month, I always look back to the previous years’ posts. What were we doing in April 2012 or 2011? And everytime I check, I’m glad that I’m blogging. Though I don’t prefer sharing too much about our lives lately, once in a month doing these reviews doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

March 2013 started ordinary. We celebrated my mum’s birthday and had a lovely family time. I was hoping for a weekend getaway with my husband but I say it all the time, I’m a lucky bitch and we were able to spent a whole week together in Istanbul with friends. 

Most especially, Mr.T needed this break. It was a very nice week with lots of friend visits and outgoings. 



In the beginning of March, I’ve set a few monthly goals for myself but guess what?


I was suppossed to;

*run 70 kms but run just 34kms,

* eat clean but fucked my diet up while in Istanbul,

* Complete 2 goals of my 31 Things Before 31 but I did nothing.

But I tried a new recipe, not the pumpkin tiramisu but a new cake and my mushroom with basil recipe turned out delicious. 

During march, there was plenty of time for movie nights. Above all, Black Mirror series was really awesome and intense! If you haven’t seen it, you’ll understand what I mean when you see the first episode!


Besides movie times, I read two books that I was procrastinating to read. Memoria De Mis Putas Tristes and The Fur Coated Madonna.

I have a long list of books which I’m looking forward to finish! This month I’ll read Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I can’t wait to finish reading and see the movie.

March also came with nice surprises. I now have a sewing machine! 

I was planning to buy one but again as I always say, I have the best parents. They gave this awesome gift 2 weeks ago and I was super excited as it was out of nowhere. I am planning to be able to sew myself at least a skirt for this summer. 

Also finding out that some of my friends are reading my blog really made me happy. Please keep reading, I’ll share the best for you :)

I said March started ordinary but it ended with some life changing decisions. Yes, some serious changes are on our agenda. We hope to make the best decision for ourselves and for our future. We’ll see…

This month, I will again try to;

*run 70 kms,

* Read Salmon Fishing in The Yemen,

* Make a cat teepee for my sister’s cats,

* Try a new recipe, maybe cauliflower alfredo sauce,

* Have Mr. T’s family as guests and

* release our bicycles :)

I hope to write a review this time next month with good news. 

Wish you have a great month!



4 thoughts on “March 2013

  1. hahahah akşama kadar tutma, taş olur içinde.
    evet bütün fotograflar sen de ulan sec begen bi tanesini söyle ben bastırırım :)
    susan’ı sabah okudum ben de, Hakan’ınki bombaydı.

  2. inanırım. ha bu yalık reporttuuu FAK!
    acaip bir pazartesi mağduriyeti içerisindeyim. kkm var sanırım rahatsız ediyor beni ahahaha
    şimdi sırada suzan miller var.
    ha son olarak da aynama iliştirmelik vir düün fotosu istiyorum. beğendimi bilahare gösterecegim.
    aslında bende fotolar gidip bastırabilirim ahahahah nan düün fotocusu oldumu unuttum :P

  3. hee aylık olunca öyle oldu. Evet Büyükada orası. Ay ne güzel gündü ya, tadı damagımda kaldı inan.

  4. vuff amma yazmışsın .. o ormanlık arazi büyükada di mi çamlar mamlar..
    hoşgelmiş nisan

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