One of my belated discovery of cool bands. I met with Daughter after I saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy ( In which Owen moves to Derek’s van). Their song “Home” was playing at the end of this episode.

The Daughter is a British band with frontwoman Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella. Their debut EP “His Young Heart” was self-released in 2011. In the same year, they released another EP, “The Wild Youth”. After signing the UK record label 4AD, their first single “Smother” was released in 2012 and last month their debut album If You Leave was released by the same label.

Elena Tonra performs with a magical voice, moody lyrics and haunting melodies. It was the most played band in our house during cold winter nights, particularly in reading hours. By the way, her haircut really makes me jealous!

My favorite song Home, their facebook, my space, last fm and youtube pages. Also 4AD/Daughter  page where you can find news and tour dates. They will be also in Glastonbury Music Festival :(

photo source 1/2/3

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