House Crush #6

Two days ago, the sun was shining and trying to melt my tights but now it’s one of the grey, cold winter days. I do want to get in the mood for summer but it’s really hard when I have to wear my winter coat outside. So, I started to look some places online where I want to spend the summer in my denim shorts and loose shirts and dresses.

This  residence below might me a little luxurious for my loose dresses but I’d love to act like Naomi Clark for a few nights there.

If you have $7,540,984, this stunning residence that stands on a cliff  in one of the most incredible places in the world, Mykonos can be yours and I can be your best friend. It has 2 master bedrooms with their own bathrooms, wide windows that provide the daylight and the fabulous views. Seriously, If I start to live in this house, wake up to this view every morning I know my life would extend! Or I can just spend the summer. Ok. just a few days?

photo source

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