we’re going to the zoo!

On tuesday, we visited the zoo in our city. I’ve been living in the same city for 5 years but I’ve never been to the zoo. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a zoo! Maybe when I was a little child?

Anyway, we also had the chance to try our new camera. One of my 31 Things before 31 goals is to have a professional camera. Now I have one! Thanks to my lovely husband, he gave me the perfect one! I’ve never wanted the ultimate professional camera with 58kg lenses (because of my arm problem) and to be honest I’m not that into professional photography. As a forever beginner, all I wanted was a light body with a good lens. And the results are so satisfying!




4 thoughts on “we’re going to the zoo!

  1. sevgili yeğenim hayvanlarin fotograflarını cok guzel cekmissin. yeni makinan hayırlı olsun.
    (gözluklerinin model numarasını yollamazsan yorumumu geri alırımİ:p)

  2. hahah sağol yivrim, senin güzelliğini çekebilmek de isterim. gözlükler wayfarer da model numarasını daha geçen gun ben de hatırlamaya çalıştım zira kaybettiğimi sanmıştım, hırkanın cebinden çıktı bir rahatladım ki sorma :) ama sanırım rb2140 dedikleri model.

  3. okey beybi tenk yu veri maç. gözlükleri aliim takiim feysbuk profil pikçır cekersin bana hahaha:)

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