April &May 2013

We’re welcoming  May 2013 and the spring but my mind is still in April and all the things it brought to our lives. Oh April, such a month…

You know what they say, “Life is full of surprises but never when you need one”. But when I think, we’ve been waiting for that surprise for so long. And NO I’m not pregnant!

I ‘ll talk about developments later in detail. All I can say, we are very very much excited about a new job, a new city and moving to a new house. :) Though I’m sure, moving will be a pain in the ass but I’m looking forward for house hunting adventures with Mr. T. Wait for me dream house! I’m just a step away from you!

Half of March and April was amazing because Mr. T. was unemployed like me the whole time. It was just like the times when we were students. We woke up late, had breakfast late, ordered something to eat in the middle of the night, watched our favorite shows and all the movies we always wanted to see, went to places we always wanted to go. It was like a dream, spending one and a half month together  with my sweetheart and being lazy. No work, no stress…And now, he started his new job and I can’t wait to start the new chapter of our lives. Wait for me dream job! I feel I’m really close to you, too!

April also left a few nice suprises before it fled away. I now have a new camera and a new PC. You have no idea how I needed a PC! The previous one I have was over the hill. It was such a torture while dowloading or uploading anything!  In the presence of you, I want to thank to my lovely husband for these beautiful gifts he gave me.

In the beginning of April, Pınar sent a self-improvement book for me to read. I know I’ve always said  I’m opposed to self- improvement or how-to books but I think this’s changed. I started to enjoy reading these stuff. I was surprised because the writer wasn’t even a writer or a professional self- improvement expert or a psychologist:  A Turkish actor that I’ve never heard of. 

I also want to thank Pınar for her gesture and goodwill. Then, we read the second book of this writer. Both books were not well written but I think enough clear to see the big picture and the purpose. 

Now it’s time for some French reading! I realilzed that I neglect reading French books that I bought ages ago and that are waiting for me in our dusty bookshelf. So I choose one and aimed to finish Le Chien de Printemps before 10th May.

After spending a month and a half by junk food and a very irregular sleep schedule, I decided to ( as always) spend the coming month on an extreme level of an healthy way. But ( as always) I failed! Because on the 1st of May, Mr. T and I left for a 5 day trip to Blue Lagoon in Turkey. We’ve just come back yesterday.  I’ll write about this wonderful trip later. So, late night delicious dinners, salty greasy snacks after swimming, french fries and beer on the beach were all we were about during these 5 days.However, I do not regret it. 

Right now I’m back and I can keep on from where I left : Running 5kms every day and 30 Day Shred by Jilian Michaels. I have no idea how I will complete this 30 day challenge because after the first day of the first level, I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet seat! 

So my May goals are;

(I laugh everytime I write these but..) Eat clean.

Run 5 kms daily.

Finish 30 Days of Shred.

Finish the french novel by 10th of May.

Start to second french book.

Try healthy snack recipes.

 Determine the houses for our estate search.

I’m so excited for this summer! I know it’s going to be great! I just know… :)



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