This Wednesday, I want to write about a compilation. Since 2004, Mercedes- Benz is making a series of mix tapes in order to support international unknown musicians. So far, they have racked up to 40 million downloads and this year they’ve made their 50th edition. There are 10 tracks from musicians of multiple genres. and this year, the album cover is made by Craig Redman aka Darcel Disappoints. You can download the mix tape for free from MB! Magazine . You can also read more about the compilations here. I think this album will be our soundtrack of this summer, on our long trips. My already favorites are track #4, #6 and #8.

Mixed Tape #50 Playlist

Paradise Animals – Coastal Lines feat. Allie Hughes
Young Hare – Lover
The Sea Life – Nocturnal
Vows – Unreal Love
Red Sails – Sure Enough
Miu – Turn Around
Kognitif – Rocket Trip
Kurare feat. Theo Steuernagel – Just A Place
Steady Sun – Actress
New Desert Blues – Donnie


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