June 2013

Life has literally stopped here in Turkey since the end of May. I was happy about welcoming June, on 31st of May, on my way to the city where we are going to move but the events broke out and that night came to a head and everything has changed. For Good. 31st of May and the following days were full with joy, tears, anger, unity, laughter… If you are a bit interested in worldwide news, you already know what I am talking about and I want to thank everyone who shared my and my friend’s post about this resistance in my country. Thanks for showing us that you are not just into makeup tips or this summer’s fashion trends :) Thank you for your support.

Well, all I remember from May was I was sick and I consumed 7238 pineapples! Now I’m obsessed with my pineapple smoothie!

Also Mother’s Day and weddings were on our agenda during May. Besides I had time to try a new recipe : Quinoa Pilaf which I’ll share the recipe soon. I can’t remember which sunday but Mr. T took me to his high school’s alumni day on a May Sunday.

As I mentioned, June started fiery in Turkey and no one remained unresponsive. I am so proud of my friends and their courage!

After Father’s Day which was very special because Christian, my sister’s fiancé was with us, I visited Ankara ( the city we’re moving to) one more time and we found our new apartment!  The flat is rented! It is just like we want it to be; not too big, not too small, in a good condition and located in a superb environment full of amenities. Oh, we also have a swimming pool and a very nice view. I really want to move in as soon as possible. I’m fed up with being alone and I miss Mr. T so much. And exploring a new city will be amazing for us. We were waiting for Mr. T’s sister’s wedding to move out and it was last Friday. So this means in coming days I’ll be busy with packing up. 

Through all these events and rush, I seriously didn’t even think about the goals I want to accomplish until my 31st birthday. I noticed that some of them are unattainable. Like, We’re too late for a winter vacation. (But we went to a spring vac?) Or I don’t want pink hair anymore…Or I now know that I’m not capable of saving money and I never will be! Buuuut, I chose 10 Marilyn Monroe movies that I am planning to see this week;

This month I want to go back to my writing routine, visit my parents again, finish packing our guest room. I’m about to finish The Gospel Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster and I can’t wait to start the new book I got last weekend.

The Fault In Our Stars was on my e-book reading list. Though I like reading English and French books, I, like everyone, prefer reading in my native language as It is easier to focus.

I wish you a happy July and a sunny summer. I’m hoping to write a beautiful recap of July, this time next month from our new apartment.



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