July 2013

Hello from Ankara!

We have moved into our new house in the new city!  Thank God everything went right during moving and now I’m in our new living room, having my coffee while writing this post. But I must say, I’m beyond tired! I’ve never thought moving out/in would be this exhausting. It’s been 10 days today and It’s still not over , there is our study room left to be organized and our guest room doesn’t seem satisfying… But I know It will come together in time.


July was all about packing and boxes. I had the chance to go through our wardrobes and donate lots of things, thus I feel really light. 

Since our new apartment is not a zero flat, there were a few things to be handled and repaired. And I am sorry ladies but I have the most talented husband. He did everything deservedly and like I want it to be. One more thank you to my awesome husband in front of the audience ♥

Our all 4 rooms and kitchen walls are all white and they are waiting for me to find the perfect prints for them. As Mr. T requested, the living room won’t have “too many” frames like our previous one but he said I can do whatever I want to our study room and I have some marveeeellouss ideas. ( also for our bedroom ) 

I’ve stared to read  feng shui a few months ago and we are trying to decorate our rooms, especially our bedroom according to feng shui rules as much as possible. It’s said that to have the right energy and the proper balance  in your bedroom is very important because you spend 1/3 of your life time there. We chose white color for our entire house which has the energy clean, clear and fresh. It’s important to use white with contrast colors. Our bed is black so it worked for us in our bedroom. 

Another thing is you shouldn’t have a TV, computer or anything electronic in your bedroom and you shouldn’t have a mirror there. You also shouldn’t have your wardrobe in your bedroom but if you have to, It should contain all the nice stuff you love to have. Our wardrobe is in another room, we just have a bleu drawer which I want it to stay empty as much as possible.

One important thing is you shouldn’t have your wall sockets over your head so we changed the direction of our bed. We don’t have overhead lighting right now which is weird…

Your bed’s placement in accordance with the window in your room is also important and if you have an en-suite bathroom like ours, the door must always be closed. These are the things we’ve  practiced so far. I want to share more after learning more . 

We haven’t had the chance to explore the city yet though we know where all the construction markets are. I’m excited about starting to live in a new and a bigger city. I feel like we both needed this fresh start. We didn’t planned our near future here but life absolutely brings surprises and I am so happy with this one. Until my 30, I lived in İstanbul, Grenoble, Bursa and now Ankara. I have no idea what we will be doing this time next near :)

In between these boxing and packing times, I’ve read 3 books this month. I’ve started with The Fault In Our stars, then The Solitaire Mystery and  and awesome Turkish novel Puslu Kıtalar Atlası. 


The book by Jostein Gaarder, The Solitaire Mystery  was a delicious book and It took it’s place on my top 5. Now I’m reading another great book by the same author, The Ringmaster’s Daughter. If you haven’t met with Mr. Gaarder, please do it as soon as possible!

In coming days during August, I have to concentrate on my sister as she’s going to have a wedding in 2 months. She started her wedding gown rehearsals and she is going to be the most beautiful and the  cutest bride I’ve ever seen. We have so much to do this month!

I, without shame, started to think about my new 32 goals before 32…I’ll try to accomplish a few of my current goals but to be honest I’m more excited about the new ones. This goal thing really makes me feel good, I don’t know why but I like doing it.

I also have a few goals for this month.

Now that we have a swimming pool, I want to swim 4 times a week. But I mean real swimming. 

After we settle down, I’ll start to run. I can’t wait for it because there is a lake super close to our house and it has a beautiful walk/ running way.

I’ll cook 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month! We are so sick of eating out and I know It’s unbelievable but I miss cooking. Also we have a huge kitchen so cooking will be fun. (for a while)

We’ll have our first guest next Sunday! Mr T.’s aunt and her husband are invited to dinner.

This month I want to read 3 books like I did in July.

Decorate our bedroom and study room. I ordered a few things online and waiting for them to arriiiiiveeee.

And have some family time…

I hope your July 2013 was fun and happy and the follower august will be more fun and happier.  Now I have to leave because we’re going to the poolside with my husband and enjoy the rest of the day. WE DESERVED IT! :)



5 thoughts on “July 2013

  1. puslu kıtalara ben de baslıcam tatil kitabım olacak:) sirk müdürü ve iskambil kagıtları hakkında gorusumu biliyosun zaten:))
    ikinci misafirin de ben olacagım o ewdee:))

  2. bi de yatagını- eger bi meyil varsa evinin etrafindaki arazide- o meyile karşı ya da varsa bir dag tepe ona karsı koymayacaksin. dogaya karşı gelmeyi kimse istemez;)

  3. Yanına yedek kitap da zira zırt diye bitebilir, masal gibi ya :) Sirk Müdürünün Kızı, İskambil gibi baş döndürerek başlamadı ama baya enteresan gidiyor şimdilik. Evet gel misafir ol o incirli tatlıdan yapalım :P

    Bi de var yaa resmen tepe var yatak odasının karşısında bak fotograf göndericem, karşı degil paralel duruyo yatak çok şükür :)

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