August 2013

It is unbelievable that summer is over… Well, it is not officially over for me until I remove my shorts but I have to accept, fall is here. August was the best month of the spring and summer of 2013. We start to live in our new house in our new city,  Mr. T was on a 3-weeks-long annual leave, we spent time with our families and we had an amazing vacation.

Before our vacation, Mr. T was at home and all about cooking! I must confess, It’s much more fun to cook in a larger kitchen and yes, to be cooked for.

And then the summer vacation… Oh lovely vacation… I’ve been in Kaş for the second time but  the first time was with my parents and I was little and everywhere I go with my husband feels like the first time :) I’ll share a special guest post about this beautiful vacation place in coming days.


Instead of staying in a hotel, this time we decided to rent a flat. Actually it was a last minute decision but we are happy with it.  We stayed in this beautiful flat located in the city center. We found it on Airbnb and the owner was a really nice lady. The house was so clean and in a good condition. We tried Airbnb for the first time and we are glad we did.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543



During our vacation we found the perfect pizza! So one of my goals is completed. It was so delicious that I can declare it my number one so far. Or maybe I was so hunry?  Anyway,

Find The Perfect Pizza : √ 

And if you follow my posts, I wrote about Marina Abromovic as one of my goals ( Study the life’s work and the life of an artist ) required. I’m trying to complete as many as possible of these goals as I am a last minute person and my birthday is in 9 days! I’ll share a recap of my goals and the new ones.

What I am proud of is I read 3 books ( even started the 4th ) in August! I’ve read more than 1000 pages this month. All of them belong to Jostein Gaarder.

Now I’m reading Some of The Parts by T. Cooper and as yet it’s quite interesting, I might think of writing a review about it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand SEPTEMBER. The precious time of the year for me… Our second wedding anniversary is just around the corner. And after that, my 31st birthday is coming.  But the big day is at the end of this month: SISTER’S WEDDING! I visited her for a few days to attend her wedding dress rehearsal and she will be the cutest bride with the cutest dress. She also has the cutest wedding invitation  Now I need to find my dress, too.

I want this September to be calm and cosy as we drove 2300 KMs during August. I just want to stay at home, have movie dates and enjoy the last days of summer.

I wish this fall to be great and full of surprises for you! 



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