And now I’m leaving you with an useful guide post about Kaş written by my fabulous friend Nurer. If you’re thinking to spend your vacation in Kaş, you have to read it. If you have never thought about it, after you read this post, I’m sure you will. 



Hi there:)

Yes I am the “guest writer” of Fatoş’s awesome blog on this post. When Fatos told me they were heading to Kaş for their summer vacation which is a place that I can spend the rest of my life and I have been for twice for now, I got really excited and wanted to drown her in with my humble feedback about the place. Then she planned to write this post about Kaş together. And I am really honoured to be invited to her blog which I follow with great fancy :)

Kaş is a small town on the south coast of Turkey where you can meet the turquoise sea and shades of green in the mountains facing the beaches you swim. That’s why it is mostly prefered by nature lover holiday makers who don’t really care about staying in five star hotels or wearing the most expensive Louboutin. So, if you wanna have a relief in the middle of nature without any worries about where to stay, what to wear, Kaş is the perfect destination for you. If you care about swimming in the best sea, eating the best dishes and having your drink in cool places, here comes some tips about a few places you can swim, eat and drink on your great great vacation to one of the heavenly places in Turkey.

Where to stay:

There are quite a few hotel of every kind in Kaş. You can prefer deluxe hotels or small aparts accordin to your budget. Also Airbnb offers you very nice flats for very inviting prices.

Where to swim:

1. My number one place is Limanagzi and my number one beach is Bilal’s. It’s a spectacular bay with cool water. You can get there by small boats from the port in the town centre. There a few beaches in Limanagzi, so when the captain asks which one you want to go, you’d better say Bilal’s or Delos, which is another beach over there. The sea is better in Bilal’s because there aren’t any streams or tidesunlike in Delos.


2. Kucuk  Cakil is the beach you can take a dip on the coast in the town centre. The ones who like chilling out in a little bit coold water, this place is your cup of tea.


image (13)

3. Buyuk Cakil is not a sandy beach as the name suggests :) You canenjoy the waves there when it is windy. Because the bay gets some wind at times.

4. Kaputaş is one of the secret places on Earth I guess. When you look at the beach from bird’s view, you can’t help admiring the white sand-pebbles beach and the turquoise water. This beach is on your way to Kaş, and it gives you the best scenery to have a photo shot. If you wanna take a dip there, this is a warning for you: there are only a few umbrellas on the beach to protect you from sun at noon which you can rent for a little cost from the towns people there on the beach. So the best time to visit there is around 5 in the afternoon when the sun is not too burning. If you don’t have a car, you can take the bus to Kaputas from the bus station in Kaş.


5. Patara is another beach which is actually quite a log way from Kaş in comparison to the others I mentioned. It takes  about 45 minutes if you take the bus from Kaş bus station. The beach is reaaaallly huge and sandy and it is famous for the caretta carettas which laytheir eggs in the soft sand on the beach. So you have to be careful about not stepping on the little pretty eggs of the cutest turtles ever. After all, you will see the signs warning you out. About the sea, because it is sandy, it may be a little bit muddy when there is wind. But it is a place worth seeing. If you are lucky enough you may come across a caretta caretta:)


There are several beaches like Kaş Camping or Can Mocamp but they all have the same concept. Also you can join the diurnal boat trips and see the Kekova the sunken city, swim in amazing coves like Tershane, Inonu, Kaleköy and spend a pleasant day. If you are into diving, you must attend to diving trips in Kaş.

Where to eat:

1. Bahçe Balık is a whitely decorated fish restaurant in a beautiful garden where you can eat the best fried octopus. The place is so cool that it can a little bit crowded. So, you’d better have  a table reserved.

2. Mercan is another fish restaurant near the coast which can be a little expensive if you don’t make a bargain on the cost of the fish you are gonna eat. Don’t be ashamed, that’s fish rest rulaz in Kaş!

3. Dolphin Fish Restaurant has a perfect view of the port and you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved on the terrace facing the moon if you are lucky enough. You must taste the delicıous lahos fish which is particular to the sea in the area. Don’t forget to bargain on the fish:))

4. If you get bored of eating fish everyday, here is a pizza restaurant, Çınarlar. You can also eat pide, a Turkish style pizza in a different shape and with different ingredients from original pizza.

5. Toby’s has a wide range of menu from fish to meatballs. But if you ask me what is best about the place, I’d say side dishes! The restaurant has definetely the most delicious side dishes ever. Sea beans with olive oil is worth trying over and over. You’d like to try the salads though. If you wanna eat homemade food local to Turkey, it is also available in some restaurants.

6. Retro Bistro ;This place may seem to you a usual restauranr like the one in your hometown but its hamburgers and meat dishes are must-tries! 

7. Mor,  Very nice place with its music and pizzas.

8. Zaika, If you are a fan of grillroom or willing to experience it, Zaika is the place. All carnivores will be very happy here!


9. Nereid MeyhaneYou are in Kaş, you want to try unconventional seafood dishes in a peaceful restaurant then you have to go Nereid. Seriously, this place is worth spending one of your nights in Kaş. And then, you will thank me…

After these delicious dinners, you can take a walk along the seaport, try the local ice cream and then enjoy your night in one of the pubs and bars which sounds better to you.

Have a nice holiday!

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