31 Things Before 31 Review

Below you can see how I failed miserably… I’m not proud of this outcome. But I have reasons of my own. For the first 6 months, I was a good girl and enjoying my goals but the next was unknown, unpredictable and surprising. In particular, the last 4 months was all about packing, moving and settling so I didn’t have time to even think of my goals. I know I say the same every year but I’ll stick to next year’s goals :P

1. Start saving money

Thank God Mr. T is doing it for me by an individual retirement account. Otherwise, I accept that I will never be able to save money. Ever…

2. Take a winter vacation.

We couldn’t but we took a spring vacation. Does it count?

3.  Be a cocktail master and create my own recipe.

To be honest, this year was  faaar far away from alcohol and drinking. So instead of these cocktails, I was more into healthy smoothies.

4. Put my green trousers on the market again.

Don’t want to talk about it…

5. Have a professional facial.

It was really nice and the same day I also had an haircut.

6. Projects ###### from 52 Projects Book.

I managed to complete #24 and #31.

7. Make a playstation for my sister’s kids.

Instead I made photobooth props for her wedding.

8. Have 50 cardigans.

This was a silly goal for me because I almost donate 50 cardigans and left a few of my favorites.

9. Learn parallel parking.

Thank you Mr.T for not teaching me.

10. Learn burlesque.

Who needs to learn burlesque when you can learn Electric Boogie??

11. Finish my painting.

My poor painting… Waiting to be done till 2011. I hope to finish it this year and planing to hang it on our baby’s room.

12. Buy a Vespa.

Oh yeah…

13. Have a girls weekend getaway.

An unexpected perfect adventure with my bestie Lilika!

14. Find the perfect pizza.

This goal can be on my lists foreva!

15. Learn crochet.

Thank you mom!

16. Buy a professional camera.

Finally we did.

17. Learn Poker.

But I’ve learnt another card game? :(

18. Attend a music festival in another country.

So much plans were made but past year was really weird and full of unexpected incidents. So maybe another time.

19. See all Marilyn Monroe movies.


20. Visit Paris one more time.

This also can be my forever goal every year.

21. Take a summer vacation with friends.

Busy schedules.

22. Have a new year party.

I admit that new year’s eve and parties are my least favorite. I’m not even getting excited in this time of the year.

23. Go to theatre once a month.

yeah yeah…

24. Get inked.

Another admission : I think I’m not going to have a tattoo as I like my skin untouched. Maybe one day I’ll want to have my baby’s name. I don’t know.

25. Go back to my vegetarien diet.

Actually, I live on mostly vegetables and really rarely on meat. So…

26. Make a music video with friends.

Everything is more fun with Mr. T…

27. Cycle all day long.


28. Pink hair for a little while.

I think I’ll try this one when I’m old. If I have any hair left…

29. Read french books.

I was good at reading this year but not in french.

30. Give an old furniture a makeover.

Seriously, I do not want any furnitures -old or new- after our moving episode.

31. Ice skating.

No way when I have this knee of mine.

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