32 Things Before 32

Et voila! My new “things”.

1. Find a Job.

It’s been more than 1 year since I quit my job and I think It’s time to head back to the market! I really enjoyed my out of job time, being a housewife ( which I’m not really good at) but It started to get boring.  I still have the ambition so I’ll try my best and hope to find a nice job that I’ll like. 

2. Surprise someone.

I love doing this but this time “someone” must be outside the family!

3. Have 50 classics for my closet. 

I don’t want to boast or brag but I’ve left really too few pieces on my wardrobe and I’m very happy about it. For years, I’ve wanted to donate all of my “one day” dresses, “someday” jumpers and trousers and I found the courage this year. I must confess It’s one of the most satisfying and pleasing things in life. 

Now I just want to complete these 50 pieces of which I’ve most.

4. See All Truffaut Movies.

Last year I failed to see all Monroe movies but this time I want to see at least more than five.

5. Finish my 365 Project.

Hope to finish it at the end of this year.

6. Quit Smoking.

This year I have some assertive  goals… To be honest I don’t smoke very much. To be MORE honest, I only smoke when Mr. T smokes; after dinner or when we go out. So I don’t think I’ll suffer during the cessation time but we’ll see…

7. Try Indian food. 

I want to try different cuisines and Indian cuisine is one of them.

8. Find the perfect leather jacket.

Sure it’ll be faux leather but I want my dream black leather jacket just yet!

9. Read 32 books.

I’ve made my list in Pinterest and will soon post them here. If you have any suggestions I can compromise and substitute one or two :)

10. Do something that I say “I’d never do that”.

Yess! Getting out of my comfort zone, doing something strange to me, step out there and do it! I have no idea what I’ll try but I’m sure It’ll be easy to find it with Mr. T…

11. Take good care of myself.

Since we started to live together with Mr. T, he keeps saying that “You don’t take good care of yourself” “Eat breakfast”, “Don’t stay with wet hair”, “Wear your socks”, “Stop eating candy and take your pills and vitamins”, “Eat your fruit” and this can go on and on…

I’m proud that I made a good progress and I try to do my best. But still from time to time I lost my motivation and somedays, Pringles and Haribos can be my breakfast or I can ignore my pills for months. I must get rid of this. I have to take good care of my health no matter what. Now, I’ll do my best of the best to become a good health keeper.

12. Finish my painting.

My eternal goal… I couldn’t finish it for the last 3 years. It’s a bunny. Actually It’s a copy of Andrew Bannecker’s illustration. 

13. Grow tomatoes. 

This summer a friend of ours showed us the tinny tomaoes she grew in a pot. They were so cute and looked delicious. I want to try growing vegetables. We don’t have a house with a garden but I’ll start with a pot, too.

14. Play Battleshots.

I’m dying to play this game. With Mr. T hahaha :)

15. Visit A Country.

Last year we had so much plans about travelling. But you know what they say ; “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”.  Now we learnt our lesson. This year If we have the time and the money, we want to start with visiting Prague or Moscow. I am not planning, not dreaming, just waiting for the right time for both of us. 

16. Make A Dreamcatcher.

No-poo methode didn’t work for me so I had to change this goal. I’ll make a beautiful dreamcatcher!

17. Do a one month photo challenge.

Fat Mum Slim has these amazing monthly photo challenges that I’ve eyes on for some time. I’ll definetly try it.

18. Sew something decent for myself and wear it.

I’ve my sewing machine and I couldn’t even touch it. With online sewing lessons, I want to sew myself maybe a simple skirt or a makeover and wear it proudly :)

19. Complete 30 Day Shred in one month.

Though it looks difficult right now because I have a knee problem, I’ll try to complete this challenge in one month.

20. Lose 10 pounds. 

This is something I have to do, first for my health and second for myself to be happier. 

21. Finish my French CDs. 

I’ve bought some French Cds and I haven’t finished them yet. Since I’m away from business french for more than one year, It will be a good catch up for me before I start a new job.

22. Bring my paper towel use under control.

I love using paper towels. I mean, I LOVE! I can clean all the house with it. I know it’s a horrible thing and I want to end it. First I’ll try to last one roll a week and try to last it longer. I swear. 

23. Learn to never save something for special occasions. 

From now on, I’ll wear my beautiful cardigan when I go to the market, I’ll put my favorite scent on even if I don’t leave the house, I’ll start to use my coasters which I bought from Paris… I have to learn doing this because It’s true that every day in our lives is a special occasion…

24. Visit 5 museums.

I miss museums and libraries. Now we’re leaving in a bigger city, I want to see as much museums and exhibitions as possible.

25. Make less excuses.

In everything! 

26. Build a snowman.

I think I was a kid the last time I made a big snowman with my friends. I want to make a big one this year with all the hat and the scarf and have a photo with him :)

27. Try 12 new recipes.

One recipe per month. I’m making my list and if you again have any suggestions I’m waiting for you.

28. Go to a professional football match.

I’ve never been in a professional football game and I really want to this year.

29. Make dry brushing a habbit.

I’ve started this method last week and want to keep it and make it a habbit. I only do it in the mornings but I’ll start to do it before bed, too as soon as possible.

30. Learn another foreign language.

Mr. T wants to learn German as he’s now working for a German company. I want to learn Spanish but It’d be more efficient for both of us if we start to learn the same language. Besides I can count to 29 in German and talk about basic informations about myself since I had to take German in high school. I’m aiming to be at leat A2 at the end of next year.

31. Go to 3 concerts.

Last year we’ve been in ZERO concerts. This year without making any excuses, I want to go to at least 3! 

32. Take a winter vacation.

I insist on taking a vacation in winter. Maybe in Prague? :)

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