September 2013

While writing this post, I’m still tired. September 2013 was exhausting. We celebrated our second wedding anniversary and my 31st birthday, we attended to traditional picnic of Mr. T’s workplace, we looked for the perfect dress for my sister’s wedding whenever we have free time ANNND my sister got married! 

Beside this real rush, September was cosy enough from time to time that we spent time at home. We started (and finished) Tomb Raider which I was dying to play. We loved it but It was really short and seriously movie-like. Now we’re looking forward to play The Last Of Us. Mr. T now has a electro guitar and he’s really enthusiast to play Rocksmith, too. 

We haven’t been able to see a movie together with my husband for a long time so we deciced to do something that would give us the chance. We wrote down our own 5 favorite movies and started to watch them. So far we saw The Shawshank Redemption, The Snatch and The Hedwig and The Angry Inch. It’s really nice to re-watch the movies you haven’t seen for ages so we deciced to make it a routine and create different “5 Lists”. Plus this month we have a movie festival in our city and we want to see exclusively 2 movies if we have time. 

And in September I had the chance to see The Stoker. It’s a must-see!  Just a little information; the movie is directed by Chan-wook Park – the director of Oldboy- I think that’s enough :)

After you all read my defeat about 31 goals before 31, I posted my new goals for my new age and depending to these goals I share my reading list as well. From this list, I started to read a Turkish novel called  “The Time Regulation Institute”. Also one the goals was “Taking good care of myself”, so I decided to make a morning routine. This routine includes a healthy breakfast every single morning.

And 28th of September! My sister got married! She was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! The wedding was great and fun! And I’m really happy we are now a big family. Şenay and Christian, I again, wish you a happiness of a lifetime. Please make some beautiful babies as soon as possible :)

September was lovely with so many important dates :) I hope October will be nice. Now it’s time to spend more time at home, finish organizing our office room and bedroom, try a new recipe and watch the new season episodes of our favorite shows.

I wish you a happy October.


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