October 2013

The photo above is from our building’s entrance. I love the colors, the shades and the easiness of this scene. The fall in Ankara feels pretty good. And now we’re welcoming the last month of the fall. October was nice with some ups and downs.

In the beginning of the month we were signed up to German Language Course in Goethe Institute with Mr. T.

I mentioned before that Mr. T wants to learn German as he’s now  working for a German company. I was looking for a Spanish language course for myself but as we can see each other barely for the last two months, we decided to attend the same class. I’m really happy we are doing this because we spend really quality time together. Our classmates (they are all college students as predicted) are cute and funny and the teacher is really nice. ( No need to say she is just 2 years older than us and we’re the oldest in the class.) So far everything is fine, we’re loving it. Specially me. I’m looking forward for the classes because being a housewife started to get boring and I really need something to occupy with. Also I missed learning new things!

Learning another language is one of my 32 Goals Before 32, as trying 12 New Recipes. This month I tried the cream of brocoli soup. It’s super easy, ( at least I cooked the easier version), delicious and healthy. Soup is a must-have for our winter dinners and so this soup is absolutely going to be on our table.

I can say we were good at clean eating this month. I tried oatmeal for the first time. I didn’t make any recipes by using oatmeal but I cooked it with milk and consumed it in the breakfast with fruits. It’s delicious and really nice but not for me. Though I have a sweet tooth, I prefer having salty breakfasts in the morning. And if there is no cheese on the plate, I don’t call it a breakfast. Oatmeal can be my lunch or even my dinner but not my breakfast. But still I  can’t wait to make banana oatmeal breakfast squares!

Mid October was for families and friends. We were on the road again. We had a religious holiday and we visited our home towns. I think the best thing for me in this life is spending time with my family. I’m so grateful to have them. As Mr. T was on a quick business trip to Belgium, I could also spent some extra time with my sister and my friends.

But October was not a good month for me when it comes to reading. I started a new book and I couldn’t finish it. I was busy reading some spiritual stuff ( oh yes i did!) and experiencing new things thus I neglected my books. But we had the chance to see some nice movies with my husband. We saw Blue Jasmine a few days ago and like all other Woody Allen movies, we do like this one. After seeing Blue Jasmine, we saw Cassandra’s Dream, another Woody Allen movie. We saw Antiviral which is truly an interesting one. Also, Ruby Sparks, Pan’s Labyrinth ( this one is on my top 5 list) and The Place behind the Pines.  Ryan Gosling’s pants were worth seeing.

For November we don’t have big plans. I just want to be at home and have some cuddling time with Mr. T, see a few movies. But we have some monthly mutual goals together. And me, I want to try a new recipe this month, finish my current reading and start a new book, have dinner&movie date night  again with Mr. T., and I don’t want to miss any German classes because last month we did once and everything seemed impossible to understand. I want to share my posts ” AU NATUREL” in which I talked about our transition to a more natural and non toxic lifestyle. 

I wish everyone a lovely November. Enjoy the last month of this beautiful season.



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