Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Merde Il Pleut Umbrella

This can be my favorite umbrella!

seen here

2.  May28th Watermelon Watch

I can lick this one :)

seen here

3. Bamboo Globe

This week I started to organize our office room. It’s coming together now. We used to have a giant map on our wall but I always wanted a globe!  This bamboo and eco friendly globe is perfect! Designer Kristoffer Zeuthen made my dream come true and designed this globe as a lamp! It’s equipped with a light bulb inside. 

seen here

4. On The Nail Shaker Set

A few weeks ago I threw all my nail polishes away. ( Not all of them actually, only the polishes that are not free of harsh chemicals) I’m going to miss them but I started replace all the colours with the chemical-free nail polishes. Till then, can I have these?


seen here

5.  BluntCard

Hahahaha this is great!


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