November 2013

Farewell to a month that has started with sunshine and warm weather. Yes, in November we can have a clear and azure sky like below  in the city where we live. It’s sad that now it gives its place to rain, cold and oncoming snow…

November was just like we anticipated. Cosy and calm. We mostly spent time at home with Mr. T. In the day time, I had chance to drive around and discover some nice shopping spots and also some good restaurants. We tried two new places this month. Both were nice. Next, we want to try the famous Chinese restaurant. To be honest, both Mr. T. and I, we don’t like eating out very much. I think we had enough. Of course we would never say no to a fancy restaurant and a delicious spécialité du chef  :) but I can say we became more picky and started to enjoy cooking and trying diferent recipes at home, a long time ago. So our grocery shopping dates became funnier and longer. 

Last week I tried a new recipe; Banana Oatmeat Breakfast Squares. The recipe is here though I changed it a little bit. It’s delicious and super healthy. In December I want to try Spanish Shrimp & Rice in honour of new year’s eve dinner. Oh yes the new year’s coming. We have no plans and to tell the truth, I have already lost my interest and besides it’s on weekday. So why not to have a feast with home cooked meals, enjoy a comfy night and have rest. Anyone who wants to join us, you are welcome. We’ll still have a decorated new year tree and maybe nice cocktails.

In December, the first stage of our German course will be over and we’ll be level A1.1!  We hope to start the new level and complete the A1. Mr. T. didn’t miss a single lesson this month but on the other hand me, I did once because I was in bed with a bad cold and fever.
This month I became a slow reader. I think it’s because of the the new seasons of my favorite shows and all the good movies we’ve seen. I started to watch Superjail ( my favorite!) again. In the day time I also watch Good Wife and Grey’s Anatomy. Our love for American Horror Story  gets bigger and bigger every week! While Mr. T. was working over time, I saw Tomboy and Oz the Great and the Powerful ( I know it’s a little late). We also saw A Quiet Little Marriage and The Machinist and how can I forget; Frances Ha.
Frances Ha was a great movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m serious you have to. It’s inevitable that you would taste A LOT of Lena Dunham’s Girls. But I still think it’s a must-see.

In November I finally finished the book I started in October, started another one – So Far From God by Ana Castillo– This was the second time I read it. It’s a great book and I even enjoyed it more this time. Now I started to read Ladies Coupé by Anita Nair. I hope to finish it and start to read The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God by Etgar Keret.

My November photo challenge by FatMumSlim is over. I’ve done it but I wasn’t feeling good enough to post it. By the way my 365 Project will be over by 31 December and I’m still thinking to start a new one for 2014. 

In coming days I want to unbox our tree and decorate it but this year I don’t want to use our regular ornaments and I’ll try something else.
I wish everyone a nice December and please don’t forget to feed and try to warm up our little friends who live on the street. 

2 thoughts on “November 2013

  1. It is a black and white movie and is mostly set in New York. With an open mind I decided to check it out.The style reminded me a bit of the French New Wave genre, which I like. Greta Gerwig is a joy to watch however, putting a lot of emotion in her performance. Nice,cool and NYC!

    Love ,

    P.s:I want to see an entry about me on your blog.

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