Five Things J’adore ♥

Every once in a while, I go crazy and go dream shopping online. ( how crrraazzyy i am!!!). So i am making these “7 things j’adore -new year presents for her-” special edition just for me. (as i did once last year).

1. Bottega Veneta Black Print Cardigan

The effortless greak look in a cardigan. I really like the simplicity and at the same the seriousness of this cardigan. Only €600, also It’s on sale. Seen here.

2. Michael Kors Cloud Print Skirt.

I’m in love with this skirt. If I have some extra money right now, I’d totally buy it without any dubt! It’s also on sale, €170, was €850! Admit it, it’s a great deal. Seen here.

3. Chanel Paris-Moscow “Russian Doll” Wrist Bag

I have a little thing for russian dolls. I’m not obsessed with them but whenever and whereever i see one, i’m always appealed by them and i always want to touch(?). And this little lady is made by Chanel. Oh Paris! Oh Moscou! I have no idea about the price but you know, it’s Chanel…

4. Vintage Green Leather Top Desk

Now I feel like a fashion blogger. So here’s one of my another instant crushes. A vintage green leather top desk… Ok… this is… this desk… It’s… I really can not find the words and also have o idea about the price but it’s my dream desk. It’s French, It’s from 70’s and It’s green…And it’s expensive.

5. Olatz Pajama Set

Who wants to pay $750 to a pajama set? Do i need to say it’s %100 silk and it’s in “periwinkle” with white pipings. I have this thing that I want serious pajamas after I’m 35. I don’t know why but I have 4 more years to enjoy my monster and skull pah-jaw-mahs. Till then, Adieu “periwinkle with white pipings %100 silk and soft and smooth and slippery pajama set… Seen here.

6.  Miu Miu Polka Dot Shoes

It’s from 2011 collection but I think  the colour, the classic model and the cute polka dot print is timeless. ( Fashion blogger talk strikes back!)

7. Dior Joiaillerie Earings

It’s not exactly my style but these colours made me fall in love with these earings. I mean the colours, opals, rubies, sapphires. Like me, you don’t want to know the price.



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