December 2013

And again a new month and also a new year have arrived. Though December didn’t start in a pleasant way for me, 2013 was rather a good year. I was  diagnosed with pangastritis earlier on December. 

I was in hospital to have my gastroscopie done. My treatment continues, I am not complaining but I can say it’s not fun. During the whole month, I couldn’t eat anything. Boiled potatoes and lentil soup were my best friends. Actually this month was an extremely clean eating month for me so in a way I feel good about it. My ” Taking good care of myself” goal is going strong. I’m feeling much better and started to eat a little bit of this, a little bit of that. 

By force of my new pangastritis, I was at home and mostly in bed on December.  I was a bit lazy and enjoyed some Xbox time alone. Even with the silliest games! The days on which I felt better, I dealed with the ENDLESS decoration process of our home. I decorated our new year tree and our bedroom wall looks fancier now but we’re still trying to decide what to do with our living room walls. I’m not into frames like i was last year and black tape is my favorite lately. So I love the simple look of a print and black tape combination. 

Naturally, I had enough time to watch movies and read books this month. I finished the book that I was reading : Ladies Coupé by Anita Nair. Then I read one of the books I was willing to read; Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. Now I’m reading The Magus by John Fowles. And in honour of the new year spirit, I saw the movie Rise Of The Guardians. We also saw another Woody Allen movie this month; You Will Meet A Tall Dark StrangerThe Descendants ( we’re a bit behind the schedule), and American Beauty. I love writing here about the movies we saw or we want to see because when we turn back it’s super easy to keep track.

Our German course is going on quite good. You may see here some posts in French once in a while because I REALLY miss speaking French! One of the reasons I want to find a job is to use my foreign language.

Last days of December was very nice. Two days before new year’s eve, my sister and her husband arrived Ankara. We had really great time together. The weather was fine and we had the chance to show them around the city. I wish they could stay longer… Aaaaaaand new year’s eve and January 2014! Our dear friend Omer joined us. We had a lovely night with a nice dinner, good wine and a super delicious Russian champagne. Even I had to drink cranberry juice, ( remember my pangastritis? no alcohol…) I took a few sips of the champagne.  

IMG_7159 IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7162

For the new year I definetly have resolutions. One of them is to change my blog theme. I’m working on it and before February I want to launch the new look. I almost complete my 365 Project for 2013 and I decided to do it again for 2014. I have to find a new goal instead of No-poo methode because, it didn’t work for me so I’m using shampoo again. But it’s %98 natural and vegetarien without any chemicals and toxins. There are some unfinished projects that I need to complete. The list can go on and on… Now we have to go out and find the perfect 2014 planner for me. 

I again wish everyone a healthy and happy new year and a nice month.



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