New Year Resolutions Don’t Suck.

I happened to read the 456. article about how new year resolutions suck. People seriously hate new year resolutions & goals and I can’t understand why. 

Some of them say, they feel incompetent when they fail, some say they never even try to accomplish them. I’m sorry but in this case, making new year resolutions doesn’t suck, your goals suck or worst of all you suck. 

If you set hot air goals for the new year that you saw somewhere and try to adapt into your life sure you will fail. Goal setting shouldn’t become your bucket list or something you envy from other people.  I’m a person who strongly belives that setting goals in life is crucial. It’s firstly important for you personality. Because growing up and learning and changing never ends. You never become the best version of yourself. But at least, some of us are trying.

By “goals”, I think it’s really important what you mean. If you say “ In 2014 I’ll be a better person“, the first question I’d like to ask you is “How old are you?”. If you can’t be sincere and honest to yourself, you shouldn’t set goals for your personage. What is it that you want to change in you? What bothers you and makes you feel incomfortable about your characteristics? Be more spesific, write it all down with honesty. Be harsh on yourself, show no mercy. Even writing your qualities that you don’t like will make you feel lighter. And please don’t forget to attempt to change them.

For me setting goals is creating a plan for the path you want to go ahead. If I couldn’t reach up to the end, I don’t feel ” failed” or ” incompetent”. I don’t lose my selfconfidence. I’m never a disappointment for myself. If you feel that way, I think you have some self love issues. Maybe it’s not the right time for me to achieve this goal, maybe this was not what I wanted in the first place.

Setting goals and making resolutions are very imporant to to find out what you really want in life. If you couldn’t read all the books in your list in one year, why does it become a failure? Maybe you read 2 of them, maybe reading is not your favorite thing. So why do you push yourself to do something you don’t like? Because your friend or that cool blogger girl did so? If you can’t cut your sugar intake, maybe your body needs it and I don’t know, try to see a doctor? And why do people try to run a marathon, even they do not regularly work out? Is it because when you google it, running a marathon is one of the favorite goals to achieve? Please be realistic..

You goals can be about anything. Anything you want to change or improve in your life or in yourself. I think you shouldn’t get too attached to your goals or  attribute a whole meaning to them. If you can’t change someting, as I said before, maybe It’s not the right time for this change or maybe this something you shouldn’t change but just form a little. At the end you’ll see that It’s not about failing or achieving, It’s what you find out about yourself,  what you really want, what makes you happy and what you become.

And lastly,  please stop criticizing fiercely the people who are setting goals or making new year resolutions because it really makes you look like a failure when it’s not even in question.

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