Boredom Meets Thrifting

Two weeks ago we discovered that there are really fine flea markets in the city we live. The biggest one is once a month – every first sunday of each month-, the other two are on every weekend. We haven’t had the honour of visiting the biggest  yet but the flea market we visited was really precious and nostalgic  enough. I mean, the books…There are really good and old stuff there and I wanted to buy each one of them! We bought a beautiful painting which is in a quite good condition for a REALLY good deal and only four books because you really need to spend time over the books. It’s like a heaven for us. We’ll sure visit there again and next time I’ll only focus on books! Taking photos there is also a delight. You will see more flea market photos here for sure. 

One thought on “Boredom Meets Thrifting

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