January 2014

I don’t know about you but 2014 started pretty nice for me though not that nice for my stomach.   I’m feeling waaay much better, started to eat ANYTHING I find. I need to start working out as soon as possible or I’ll regain the weight I’ve lost. In February, I’ve some plans for that.

Yes January 2014. January is always special because we celeberate Mr. T’s birthday. This year neither of us wanted to have a birhday party. It was a calm and quite night with a nice dinner and a cake& gift ceremony.

It wasn’t even my birthday but I’ve got the gift that I’ve been dreaming of! I now have a Dyson DC37 Animal Turbine. It was on my wishlist for a very long time. Now that we have a larger house which is – I AM SERIOUS- really hard to clean up, I really needed it. This may sound a bit weird but a Dyson was one of the things that I wanted to have before we have a baby. You would understand this if you could see the dust and dirt after I vacuumed our newly  and professionally cleaned carpet and imagine a baby crawling on it. The Animal Turbine choice is for a future fluffy friend. Anyway, I’m super happy with my new toy! And did I  say my husband is the best of the bests??

January was also lovely because my parents were able to visit us for the first time. It was great having them around here though they could stay only 3 days. But the weather was good to us and we had the chance to look around the city and visit a few historical places and museums. This year I’m supposed to visit 5 museums and the one we visited last week might be my favorite already. You may have a look at it here.

By the decleration of 86th Oscar Nominations, our traditional Oscar Movie dates have started. I love this little tradition of ours. We could only see Dallas Buyers Club and August : Osage County  and a few month ago, Blue Jasmine on the big screen but during February we aim to see all of them. I can’t wait to for American Hustle and Her.

We also had a New Girl Marathon because we didn’t realize that New Girl’s new season has started. I continue to watch Hart of Dixie without a reason… I think it became my guilty pleasure.

Another movie I’m dying to see is The Magus! I finished reading The Magus by John Fowles on January. It took one month to read it, yes. But It’s certainly on my top 5. I’m writing a review ( well, not a “literary” and detailed breakdown. Just a couple of things I wanted to share) about it. I’ll post it when I once see the movie. Now I started to read Chien de Printemps, a book I started to read in days of yore… I need to hurry up about my books because there are really loooong and thick books waiting for me on the shelves. 

Maybe one day I’ll be able to read in German. The language is getting harder and harder each day. We do well on exams but when it comes to speaking I feel like I have to solve a algebra question in my mind. But we’re not giving up.

During February, I wanted to cross a few things out of my 32 Things Before 32 list. It needs to be revised. Unfortunately  no-poo methode didn’t work for me. I don’t know why. I tried every single thing and trick I read but dandruff problem didn’t leave. So now I’m using a vegetarien shampoo. Instead of going no-poo, I’ll make a dreamcatcher. I’ve been seeing these things around  the web and adoring them like crazy. I read about their meaning and history and now I’m making one for our bedroom.

This month  I’ll for sure try a new recipe. I’m in the mood for veggie burgers. Yes the food is always on my mind…

I wish everyone a beautiful February, officially the last month of winter. Summer is gettin closer.



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