Truffaut Challenge

I’ve revised my 32 Things Before 32 goals and I eleminated “Find a Whisky I like” and instead, I’m doing a François Truffaut Movie challenge. Because, I might have drunk 4or 5 beers for the last 7 months and I’m not into alcohol like I used to be.  So I don’t care about finding an alcoholic drink that I’m not going to enjoy…But I’m still not against sweet summer cocktail.

Anyway, last week February 6th was François Truffaut’s birhtday and one of my friends ( my Latino love Ana Maria  ) shared a photo in remembrance of him by commenting exactly; Hoy cumpliría 82 años y seguro seguiría haciendo películas.

I had seen a few well known Truffaut movies but when I made the list, I saw that there are a lot of movies that I’ve neglected. So I decided to see all of them including the ones I had seen before.

Last year I might have failed with Monroe movies but this time I’m determined. Last week, I already  watched Jules et Jim, L’enfant sauvage and  Les 400 Coups. So here’s the challenge list;

1. Les 400 coups

2. Tirez sur le pianiste

3. Jules et Jim

4. La Peau douce

5. Fahrenheit 451

6. La Mariée était en noir

7. Baisers volés

8. La sirène du Mississipi

9. L’Enfant sauvage

10. Domicile conjugal

11. Les Deux anglaises et le continent

12. Une belle fille comme moi

13. La Nuit américaine

14. L’Histoire d’Adèle H.

15. L’Argent de poche

16. L’Homme qui aimait les femmes

17. La Chambre verte

18. L’Amour en fuite

19. Le Dernier métro

20. La Femme d’à côté

21. Vivement dimanche!

**Bonus Movies : À bout de souffle & Une Histoire d’eau.

5 thoughts on “Truffaut Challenge

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