March 2014

Though it’s now fucking colder than winter! I hate it when I get used to sunny days even on winter and suddenly grey and cold days arrive and ruin my enthusiasm  for spring.

March had its ups and downs because it started with my mum’s birthday and ended with a constant stomachache. I think the ache is stress related because as a country we’re living unbelieveable ridiculous days lately and we’re like watching a fucking absurd movie…

Mom’s birthday was great and I’ve missed them already. To be honest, during March there was nothing extraordinary  except Mr. T was in Germany for 3 days and did a great presentation to his colleagues there. Needless to say it was in english, not in german. We’re not there yet but we keep going with firm steps. 

As Mr. T was away from home for 3 days I had time to write the second part of my article ” Au Naturel”. (you can read part I here.) I’m going to post it in coming days. I also spent time on the internet and prepared a spring fashion post.  After writing the post I got so excited  and did a little spring shopping. I was also able to have a Truffaut movie marathon alone and catch up with my one and only Grey’s Anatomy and my guilty pleasure Hart of Dixie. 

When it comes to healthy living, I wasn’t a bad girl this month. Except the dinners we had out, we almost ate clean. :)

I’m going to try better in April because I still have 6 pounds to say goodbye. By the way I’ve already lost 10 pounds in my 32 Things 32 Goals but I think I still need to shed these 6 pounds to feel more comfortable. I hope in April sunshine and summer fruits will help me. 

I’m swimming almost 5 days a week because some mornings I fall asleep and I don’t want to go the pool late, I enjoy swimming early in the morning. As I wasn’t working out for more than 6 months, my body is having hard time to adjust so I’m not forcing myself. My goal is to swim 1km in 30 minutes till the end of April and I’m happy to say that I’m only 100 meters away from my goal.

In March, I’ve finished to read The Wise Man’s Fear. 1140 pages. I think it’s the longest novel i’ve read so far. I’ve already missed Kvothe’s story butI started reading The Dinner by Herman Koch.

In coming weeks, you are going to read here about a new thing that I’ve added to my morning routine and yes it’s FOR SURE about health. I’ve a spring fashion post and the second part of Au Naturel as I mentioned. 

And in April, I pledge to eat more raw and clean, try a new recipe and swim the shit out of me.

Hope a great month is waiting for all of us.



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