Apres l’hiver c’est Printemps

To be honest I’m not that into fashion, I even don’t understand it. I don’t write fashion posts and more honestly speaking, I don’t like fashion posts. 

But like every woman, I have my own fashion sense. Sometimes I like a common fashion trend and sometimes I say ” What are these people thinking?”. Though I say I have a poor fashion sense, I still have some sharp and certain rules, such as outfits like this or this oooor this, really make no sense to me. I call these ” in between outfits”. Or if a grown up dresses like a toddler, like this or this, (sorry cute lady…)  I seriously can’t get the point… Is this a Freud thing and why do you really need to be this cute? 

Anyway, who am I to judge? Everyone is free to wear what they want and how they want, It’s just my humble opinion here. 

Every year in every season, I fall in love with one or two colours or prints and get obsessed with them. This winter black and mustard yellow were my favorites. And with the spring and sunshine, I’m feeling that wind of change again. Powder blue has already stolen my heart for this summer. And No I was into powder blue way before Lupita Nyong’o showed up in her perfect Prada dress. I’m also into big plaids, specially black and white. 

Colors and prints change from season to season but for me, there are things that are unable to be replaced like my tote bags. I rarely use any other kind of bag other than totes during spring and summer as they are not practical for rainy days. My shirt dresses. Tell me something that is more comfortable than a shirt dress in a hot summer day. My Minnetonka moccasins… Yes, I cheat on my Toms with them. My Wayfarer sunglasses. I know they are really popular for the last few years but trust me, mine was given to me years ago as a gift from my aunt and it was bought in 1995. Yet I need a new pair for this summer. ( To whom it may concern; what a great idea to surprise your lovely spouse!). My denim shorts and t-shirts are like my uniform during summer.  

Below there are a few things that cought my eye; they are chic, they are NOT too cute and I think they are comfortable. Maybe a bit expensive. Affordable or not, I like them. Is it forbidden to find a replica of an expensive thing you like?








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