Quinoa Patties

This is the second time that I’m cooking quinoa. First recipe was quinoa pilav with spinach. This time, I cooked quinoa patties with feta cheese and olives. It was easy to prepare. You can cook it by fat frying or by baking. I prefered the oven as I’m trying to eat clean. But I’m sure it would be much more delicious if it’s fat fried. Tell me something that isn’t?

Will I try it again? I don’t think so. I’ll look for different ways to cook quinoa. And also Mr. T wasn’t in love with the recipe, he ate it just because he knows quinoa is super healthy.

Bref, here is the recipe:

 Add all ingredients, mix well. Feta cheese and olives’ amount are up to you, add as much as you want. 

Breadcrumps are also up to how watery the mixture is.

If you fat fry them, 1 tablespoon per each patty. 

If you bake them, you can use a pancake tray like me after you grease the tray with some oil. And cook patties about 25-30 minutes.

Bon appetit!


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