May .2014



The black & white photo above is there to make a reference to the weird weather here in Ankara. When I leave home in the morning, I embrace the sun. After my physiotherapy session, out of the hospital dark clouds and rain are there for me. June is not suppossed to be like this.

And yes I’ve been on a physiotherapy treatment for 14 days now. I wrote before about my arm problem and kept postponing the treatment. And because May 2014 was a ” taking good care of ourselves month”, I started it. I’m also doing my knee excercises and taking my pills regularly. So sanitary topics are again on top of the list this month. I AM FIXING MYSELF.

Due to a sore arm, I didn’t spent much time in the kitchen last month. So, especially for two weeks, we ate seriously out! As a result I put on 2 kgs. Because I don’t eat a salad when I eat out. Also on Mother’s Day, I might have eaten A LOT.


So now, I have 2 more kgs to shed. Guess what? I’m on a diet. I’m super ok with eating clean but eating less makes me sad. Thankfully, summer fruits are here and smoothie parties have started.


As you can notice, I LOOOOOVE taking photos of food. Any kind, no matter what. Maybe I should start a food blog or maybe my biggest passion in life is to be a food photographer?  Or maybe I should write a book like Gwyneth Paltrow? Yeahi right…

On 10th May, one of the beautiful people I know got married. I wish the happiness of the world to that beautiful bride because she definitely deserves it.

At that lovely wedding I was able to see my high school friends after I guess, 76 years! They look all the same but most of them are married and have kids. Mr. T also spent a weekend in his home town with his old friends who are also all married and mostly have kids. We keep saying “Oh babies are soo cute and wonderful and a miracle” but… Yes this big “BUT”. I know this is a bottomless subject but during May, it was one of ours. 

And May 2014 is special because we started to play Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim FINALLY! I was dying to play Skyrim and now I’m addicted. We also went to the cinema after months. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. Perfect movie, see it if you haven’t yet. I said goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy and Hart Of Dixie because of the season’s finale. Now i can focus on my Truffaut movies and The Bachelor haha.

Ok. I really have to leave now for my appointment with a nutritionist.

I wish everyone a beautiful month. Mine has started  a bit stressful but que sera, sera. 





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