Five Things J’adore ♥

It’s been a while since I last gathered a 5 Things J’adore post. And so, there are hundreds of things I’ve been saving to share. 

1. Metal Wrapper iPhone 5 Case

Nowadays, I need a new case for my phone and I want somethin original, not classic. This case is really nice and just for me. I also love Olive case, too.

seen here

2. Ceramic Print

I’m really into these ceramic prints lately. 

seen here.

3. Moschino Strapless hand-appliquéd Swimsuit

seen here.

4. Panama Continental Hat

I normally don’t like frilly hats but this one stole my heart.

seen here

5. (Faux)  Leather Backpacks

This summer, backpacks are my best friends. I’m so sick of carrying bags on one shoulder. I’ve one in brown but I absolutely want a black one.

seen here

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