June 2014


Remember our building entrence in my November post? Well, it’s just like below right now. Summer is finally here, the sun is shining, flowers are everywhere and I’m beyond happy!

Though June was a bit stresful, with Father’s Day, familiy time, a few weddings attendances and good weather boosted our moods. During June, we were mostly on the road. I love roadtrips with my husband. He’s the best and perfect traveller companion ever! Especially I loooooove hitting the road with him for a vacation in summer time and I can not wait to plan our vacation for this summer,  jump in the car and drive off.

Also, June was a super busy month. I’ve finished my  physiotherapy treatment, spent A LOT of time in the hospitals for check-ups, I continued to see my nutritionist, started to my swimming routine, we took several German exams, attended to 2 weddings, performed a MAJOR cleaning at home… The best part was the cleaning part because we again went through our closets and donated our clothes. It’s amazing to feel lighter and at the same time useful. What’s more, I’m not attracted by shopping for new clothes or shoes. Houseware shopping seems more exciting to me and I think it’s a sign of getting old… During cleaning, we switched our furniture places ( I try to do it a few times in a year) and I love the new version of our living room right now.  It’s the best thing you can do for the energy of your house according to Feng Shui. There are still lots of things to do at home. We’re planning to be done by early July. 

During June, Mr. T was with me when it comes to clean eating. As I was on a diet, he paid attention not to eat anything tempting near me. He was ok with low fat meals and salads and only ice cream for dessert. But babe, I think you still shouldn’t fry french fries :( 

For July, we have some nice plans. We’re definitely having a picnic in coming days. Again, definitely going to take afternoon trips with our bicycles. I want a movie date with my sweetheart. ( I Looove chilly cinema theaters in summer.). I’ll try to complete a few things from my 32 Things Before 32 List; I’ll try a new recipe, maybe falafels, catch up with my Truffaut movies and 32 books (I’ll post a review about that shame later). 

Hope you have a hot and sunny July.



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