A long Weekend

 I remember the times that I sighed for spending time with my husband. Even at the weekends. He used to work his ass off. Then we moved to another city and starting from day one, a super busy schedule started to haunt us. Thank God, for the last few months, I can see him both on Saturdays and Sundays! We can have breakfasts and on weekdays we can even  have date nights!

And yet, for us, making plans are impossible. We can’t even plan a weekend getaway because on Saturday, a sudden meeting can back fire and screw up our plans. So far, we made plans for visiting Vienna , Paris and Prag. We couldn’t make it… Lots of weekend plans were destroyed by the same reason… Sometimes, I feel lucky that we are able go on summer vacations together.  We don’t want to go abroad because we both think summer vacation is about sun, sea and sand. And I think for this combo, our country is one of the best places. 

Anyway, after a looong time, we could have a long weekend getaway with Mr.T. It was a good weekend because I was with my husband,sister and brother in law and we spent really hot but nice 3 days together. We visited one of the Prince Islands. The island was great and it really put us in the mood for vacation.  Also we went to a concert that I was looking forward to! Metallica was in İstanbul and for me  it was a dream come true after years.    photo 1 (45) photo 4 (21) photo 3 (28)

Exhausting 3 days but it was worth it. I  family, I  summer and I ♥ Metallica.


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