Back To Reality

And how I miss and love my reality! After two weeks of being away from home, it feels amazing to be back. I’m really surprised I miss home this much. It feels like I’ve been away for 2 months. During these two weeks, we’ve attended to a funeral, a wedding and spent religious holiday with families. We spent the last 10 days for an amazing summer vacation with Mr.T. We were back home on Saturday midnight after driving 3000km!

And today, Mr. T is now in his morning meeting at work and me, I have millions things to do! I have a mountain of laundry which is soon going to be a mountain of ironing! I have to clean the whole house, cook dinner, run errands ( dry cleaning deliveries, manicure & pedicure dates, bringing a few things to tailor…) I’ll be back soon with August updates but right now I really need to work!



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