Summer Vacation 2014

This year, Mr. T and I spent our summer vacation in Datca. It was so far my favorite vacation ( besides our honeymoon ) Datca is an amazing place and we’re certainly going there for a second time. 10 days full of amazing coves, wonderful sea, shining sun, cold seaside beer, delicious dinners and my one and only. What would a woman ask for more?

This summer we stayed in Doada Hotel which is right at the city center and it was quite nice. Also was a great choice  because all the other seaside hotels at the coves were not as appealing as they seem on the internet. And as there are a lot of coves to discover in the peninsula, it would be so wrong to stay just in one beach.  

The best part of being close to the center was being close to FOOD. We tried Kekik,  ( so delicious, we went there twice), Zekeriya Sofrası ( delicious but too expensive), Mayistra ( delicious pizzas here), Amisos, ( delicious but always too crowded), Antik Restaurant, Konak Tuncel Efe ( nice breakfasts ). And I think this explains why I’ve put on 2 kilos during these 10 days ( Not a sinle regret ). Really, this was my favorite vacation and I want to thank my husband for it. Can we fast forward to 2015 summer?


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