August 2014

The calendar says summer is over but no, I’m not ready yet. Not ready to let go of summer, to getting closer to winter, to wake up in the dark, to wear long sleeves… Although it’s our anniversary and my birthday month, I swear i’ve never wanted this month to arrive…But here we go. The first day of fall…

I couldn’t write here a July post as we were in a rush at the end of July. August was amazing, started with a great vacation. The best part was coming back home but it’s always sad that after one or two weeks, you want to go back to those sweet vacation days and you feel like you never had one. 

Thankfully, I can go on soaking up the sun every other day and we swim with Mr.T after hours when he comes home. 

One of the saddest parts of coming back from vacation is, the extra weight gain you bring with you. 10 beautiful days cost me 2 kilos. Thank God I’ve gotten rid of them in 3 weeks with almost- clean eating and my morning swims. This month I finally managed to swim 1500 meters twice. First one was in 35 minutes ( I know not the perfect time but believe me, for me it’s great) and the second one, honestly I didn’t check the time so I don’t know. Anyway, I’m doing better and better everyday and I’m so happy. And although we cheat once in a while, we do eat healthy with Mr. T. 

photo 1 (58)

I’m back on smoothies lately because we realised that we are not eating enough fruit. I can’t eat fruit at night because of my diabetic condition so I make a delicious smoothie every morning for breakfast or after breakfast.

And September. Our anniversary and me being 32 in a few days.

I’ve made my peace with this new number as I heard a lot of  ” Nooo you don’t look like you are 32 at all!” this year. And I don’t know why, I’m feeling really good. I mean, I feel more beautiful, more confident and definitely happier and more grateful. I’m in a good place both physically and mentally and I know no one can bring my mood down and I won’t let anyone to do so, anyway. So, good vibes from me to you :)

During August, I read my favorite book again “Cien Anos de Soledad“, one of my childhood books “My sweet Orange Tree” and I got involved with Russian litterature and read “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev. Right now I’m reading “Brida” by Paulo Coelho. I won’t be able to complete my 32 Books list. Next week, I’ll write a recap about my book list and 32 Things Before 32 goals (with no shame, yes!). Also -again with  o shame- I’m thinking about my 33 Goals for next year.

I wish you all a great September, a beautiful new season.

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