A sunday well-spent brings a week of content

Saturday was good but not good enough because Mr. T was working and I was alone. So sunday was the day!

We woke up early in the morning (which is a miracle for him!) We went to the pool, and then hot tub and half an hour sauna session that made us super hungery. And we agreed that we need a new underwater camera…

After a very unhealthy and high carb breakfast, we went to the flea market that we went once. I love in there because there are a lot of books and I can spend hours looking at them. So, Mr. T scored an old compass and me, books for sure.

Afterwards, we did a little bit shopping because the new season is here and also why not? Now I have my grey sweatshirt and my grey jeans which I’m sure they’ll be my favorites this winter. (I’m really into grey nowadays) and Mr. T is going to try different colours. He has a navy blue coat right now. (Thank God it is not black). And also stopped by Bauhaus because I’m out of some colours of my oil paints and because my easel is on the field again. ( And no I didn’t buy it ⇓)

And then the dinner. We ate in a small local fish restaurant for the first time. It was delicious – specially the side dishes- but surprisingly pricey, not as we thought it wouldn’t cost that much because it’s local and around the neighbourhood. Still it was tasty and we enjoyed it.

It was a really nice weekend for me. It was exhausting but great. Lately I miss him so much and I love spending quality time with him. I hope your weekend was also nice and you start a great week.

Happy Monday everyone!

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