32 Things Before 32 Recap

To be honest, this year I was lazy. I don’t know if it’s because we moved to a new city, we had to get used to it and had to adjust to a new life style…Or it was just ME, getting old and less passionate. So this year I dont feel ashamed to post my recap. Because as always I couldn’t accomplish them all. I’m not ashamed but it’s stil…

1. Find a Job. To tell the truth, I didn’t even apply for a job. A few times while checking my online profile, I looked for one or two jobs but didn’t apply. So in 2015, after figuring out a few things, I’m planning to take things seriously. But it’s not my goal for this year because I’m still not sure about it.

2. Surprise someone. I haven’t yet. But it’s on my list for next year.

3. Have 50 classics for my closet. 

Actually I’ve kind of completed this goal but in my own terms. I don’t like V neck sweaters or ballet flats, so I replaced things I don’t like or want with what I like and what I need. My wardrobe’s never been so light and so right. 

4. See All Truffaut Movies. I will!

5. Finish my 365 Project.

Did it! 

6. Quit Smoking.

This goal was a pain in the ass. Normally, I really don’t smoke a lot. If there’s alcohool,  a few light cigarettes are in question. But nothing more for next day or after. So I can say, I quit smoking -again- in my own terms and I’m happy about it.

7. Try Indian food. Not yet but it’s on my new list.

8. Find the perfect leather jacket. I’ve tried a few but still couldn’t find the right one. Still searching but not a goal of mine anymore.

9. Read 32 books. I’m going to read the last 10 damn books and will be finished!

10. Do something that I say “I’d never do that”. I haven’t gotten out of my comfort zone yet. But this year i I’ll try to.

11. Take good care of myself.

Accomplishing this goal really made me proud! I DID take good care of myself this year. I started working out regularly, I ate most of the time clean. I took my pills. I went to my physiotherapy sessions. I’ve lost weight. What’s more I learnt to listen to my body. This one is going to be my life time goal from now on.

12. Finish my painting.

It looks hidious but i did it!

13. Grow tomatoes. Though I dream about growing our own food, I didn’t try.

14. Play Battleshots. We couldn’t try it but this is going to be played one day.

15. Visit A Country. Another year of planning and dreaming of travelling. But we had a wonderful vacation together so I’m not complaning.

16. Make A Dreamcatcher.

I did. And I’m going to make another one.

17. Do a one month photo challenge.


18. Sew something decent for myself and wear it.

Well, I didn’t sew something to wear but I sewed our guest room’s curtains.

19. Complete 30 Day Shred in one month. This is never going to happen unless I have the surgery.

20. Lose 10 pounds. 


21. Finish my French CDs. Nope. But next year!

22. Bring my paper towel use under control.

I did and I can not believe it. When it comes to paper towels, I’m the most careful person at home now!

23. Learn to never save something for special occasions. 

I can say i did. There is nothing in our house that has a label on says ” one day “

24. Visit 5 museums.

We did!

25. Make less excuses.

This is one of the most liberating things in the world. 

26. Build a snowman. It snowed like hell in Ankara for 2 days. I didn’t go out and build a snowman because I thought It was going to snow again but guess what? It didn’t. So this year, when the first snowflake is on the ground, I’m out there!

27. Try 12 new recipes. I tried; 

Quinoa Patties

Radish Chips

Parmesan Dijon Roasted Cauliflower

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Squares

Cream Of Brocoli Soup

• Lemon Cupcakes ( same recipe but I couldn’t find my cupcake tray, so it was a lemon “cake”)

So there are 6 recipes left to be tried: Tofu Chips, Sweet Potato Soup, Cracked Wheat Pilaf with Cream, , Falafel and Vegan Pancakes. 

28. Go to a professional football match. Someone promised to take me to a game this year.

29. Make dry brushing a habbit.

It’s now part of my morning routine but I couldn’t do it during summer time because it hurts when you do it on a tanned skin . 

30. Learn another foreign language.

I wrote last year “I’m aiming to be at leat A2 at the end of next year.” and here I am. We’re going to start level B1 this year.

31. Go to 3 concerts.

One of them was really shitty but we did and I was able to see Metallica for the first time so I don’t care about others.

32. Take a winter vacation. Sadly no. But it’s on my list again.

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