33 Things Before 33

Here I am 32 years old,  posting my 33 goals before I turn 33.

Actually the more you age, the easier it becomes to set your goals. And I think it’s because you face with your deficiencies more easily and freely. You become more passionate to overcome or correct them. You want to be the best version of yourself and the most important is you know yourself better. 

These 33 goals are not my only goals through the year. I always have “more personals” to achieve. I don’t want to share them here. Not because I am ashamed or anything but they are “personal”. These goals listed below are more common and for fun. 

But as I keep failing continuously to achieve them all, I should reduce the number. Maybe half of my age for next year…Which is going to be 16…Seriously?

1. Surprise someone.  I’m absolutely surprising the shit out of someone this year.

2. Try 12 recipes. Actually “Try 6 recipes”. I want to be done trying recipes I’ve listed last year.

3. Have a staycation. A deluxe 5 star hotel room, bubble bath, champagne… Sounds cheesy I know but it may become something you need from time to time.

4. Finish my 32 books. I want to finish the list of last year. 10 books left!

                                                                        5. Watch Sex and The City AGAIN.

This was something I was looking forward to do -AGAIN-. Ofcourse I still remember Carrie Bradshaw’s story very well. I mean, I’ve sure seen every single episode. More than once.

I think every girl found something for themselves in this story while they were growing up to the women they are today. 

So why not? One last time with these ladies while I’m having my coffee and maybe my corn chips on my cheat day, on the couch, on my “me time”.

 6. Travel by train. The last time I travelled by train (except TGV in France)  was more than 15 years ago. I used to take the train to visit my sister who was studying in another city. I don’t know what but there’s something really peaceful about travelling by train and I miss that feeling.

7. Advance in German. I’m happy that I’m not alone with this one. We’re totally going to!

8. Go to a pro football match. All that cheers and swearing and a high level of testosteron…

9. More crafting and DIY. I really need to because I noticed that it’s a really good way for me to relax.

10. See all Truffaut movies. A voice inside says I’ll fail in this one…AGAIN.

11. Visit a country.  This goal should be named “Travel”. We are quite resolute about travelling this year. We’ve made up our minds and we’re going to make money and time for it. I also want to travel around the city we live.

12. Have the ultimate body shape. I’m not aiming to look like a runway model for sure! But I still have body parts to work on seriously and I still have excess body fat that I don’t want.

13. Learn speed reading techniques. This is something I was planning to learn when I was a student but never had the chance.

14. Improve my posture. The more I learn and read about the importance of a good posture and its effects to the body, the more I desire to fix it.

15. Buy cruelty free cosmetics. I’m not really into makeup. I mean “heavy makeup”. Not just because I don’t need it ( narcissist writing!), but it doesn’t look natural and healthy to me. But I have my own routine before I go out because I don’t want to look like a ghost. And now I’m running out of my makeup supplies ( which I’ve bought before I got married ), I need to buy some.

My condition is they have to be toxin-free and cruelty free.

16. Be a better swimmer.


 17. Spend more time with friends. Last year, I know that I’ve neglected my friends. It was because we moved to a new city and trying to get used to our new life. This year I want to spend much more time with them.

18. Take my husband on a date. Because he deserves the best!

19. Take myself on a date. Because why not?

20. Enter a reading challenge. There are lots of challenges in Goodreads, I can’t choose. But I’m really into Russian Literature this year.

21. Try laser hair removalI shaved my back of neck when i was in middle school and now i understand that it was a bad decision. I have a few hair on the both sides of my neck so i don’t have a proper neck line. It’s not super bad but it annoys me.

22. Finish my French CDs. I promise, I will…

23. Spend a sugar-free month. This is going to be realllllly tough! I’m addicted to sugar.Like most of us.  And this year I’m super determined to break this addiction.

24. Learn first-aid. Both for grown-ups and babies and animals.

25. Get my teeth fixed. I’ ve lost a tooth and I need to replace it. But I had to wait till my wisdom tooth on that side came out to avoid overlapping. It’s out now and I need to grow some balls and visit the dentist.



 26. Have a winter vacation. Please, please, please…

27. Own a suit. After seeing some celebrity ladies in suits like Scarlett Johanson, Emma Watson and Shailene Woodly , I’m totally into suits!

28. Make a snowman. This year I’m doing it!

29. Try Indian food. When my stomach feels better.

30. Go to a library. After 173 years. I’m looking forward for this one!

 31. Have the arm surgery.

32. Have the knee surgery. For both of these last goals, I finally have the guts!

33. Do something for the first time. Yes, still need to get out of my comfor zone…

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