September 2014

I know I should wear my coat when my coconut oil solidify. Here in Ankara, it’s seriously cold early in the morning and in the evening. But through out the day, sun is up so I’m in a good mood. 

September; the month I give myself every right to be spoiled. We celebrated our third year wedding anniversary. This year was the best of all. I realized that my husband surprises me with a bigger bouquet year by year. I can’t wait to see the 10th year anniversary flowers! ( Actually, we’re planning to throw a wedding party again on our 10th year anniversary, so it will be all about the dress again, not the flowers)

On our first anniversary, we went to the same restaurant that we went the night that he kissed me. On the second, we were living in another city, so we went to that fancy restaurant we both love. So this year, we decided, though we don’t know how long we are going to live here, we’ll go to the same place every year on our anniversary day. 

It was a really good year and I’m grateful with all my heart that we’ve found each other…

And after 8 days, I was suddenly 32! 

For the last 3 years, I’m lucky to spend my birthdays doing whatever I want. First I reward myself with a giant breakfast in the morning. Then I put on makeup, dress myself and go out and buy myself a gift. Yes, every year I buy myself a gift and I love this habit of mine. This year, I had to be at home early because there was a surprise I had to wait. 

I’ve been nagging my sister to bake me a carrot cake for a very looong time and mentioned that I wanted to buy a heart shaped cake mould ( because I never had one ) and Ta Taaa! She sent me the mould with a carrot cake in it and plus a lovely birthday card written by her and her husband. ( which made me cry ). It was a lovely surprise.

But the best part was aferwards when Mr.T arrived home with a weird shaped box in his hands. I was waiting for a birthday cake but it didn’t look like one. It was a giant tiramisu from my favorite patisserie here in Ankara. It was a dream come true for my stomach! A whole carrot cake and a whole tiramisu…

32 started great and sweet. I hope every single day of my new age is this happy and comes with beautiful and sweet surprises likes these!

 As I mentioned above, September is a month that I spoil myself. Spoil also means treating my body bad and consume lots of unhealthy foods and sweets and desserts. So clean eating was not on my to-do list. Well, partly it was because I always have healthy breakfast in the mornings and I never leave out fruit smoothies. But snacks and dinners were awful. On coming days, We’ll visit our families and when we come back, we’ll be %100 committed to eat super clean.

I’ve posted my 33 goals before 33 last week. Some of them were from my previous goal list and some of them are new and I’m really excited about them. So far I can say, there are 9 books left to finish my 32 books list. I read Among Women Only by Cesare Pavese. It’s the first time I read Pavese and I actually find it really interesting. I want to know more about this Italian novelist and read more of his books.

I haven’t started to watch Sex and The City yet, but instead I watched The Fosters and now It’s my new guilty pleasure untill the new season of Hart of Dixie starts.

German course will start really soon and I know we have to study hard this time.

I’ll start to read the book I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson to know more about sugar addiction and the detox programme.

I started to another painting and I’m going to make another Dreamcather when we get back home from family visits. 

So I wish you all a great month and hope you enjoy every day.




4 thoughts on “September 2014

  1. Happy third wedding anniversary to both of you Fatos! <3 We, too, are turning three sometime in July next year. It really is great and unbelievable when you feel that you’re with the right one no? 
    btw, your husband somehow looks like Orlando Bloom on the last photo.

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