Youngblood has my ♥!

Two weeks ago, I was out of my foundation which I bought in 2011. I know they have “best before” dates but it’s impossible for me to use up that amount of foundation while I’m only applying it to my cheecks. Yes, I only use the foundation for my cheeks because,

1. I think I don’t need a full coverage for my face

2. Blushes never last on my face. Foundation helps them to last longer.

3. I really don’t like the look and I find incredibly unnatural. 

And by the way, nothing happened to my ex-foundation ( it was Bobbi Brown ) in 3.5  years…

So, I was looking for a brand which is paraben free, talc free, fragrance free, oil free and of course CRUELTY FREE. To be honest, in my country it’s not super easy to find cruelty-free products. You can find various brands that are toxin free but when it comes to animal testing, they mostly fail. So when you find one, you have to buy in spite of its ridiculous price. I’ve written here about all the famous brands that are NOT cruelty free. So they all are in my shit list and there’s no way I shop from these brands. That’s why, I looked for dermocosmetic brands but the result was also heartbreaking… 

Long story short, last monday, I came up with this amazing brand called Youngblood. Its products are toxin and cruelty free and vegan. ( With the exception of some of their lip products.) Even their packaging is made from recyclable materials, and the cartons are produced on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified stock with soy ink. What can I want more? They respect animals, they respect environment and they are vegan. 

For the beginning, I’ve bought a mineral loose powder foundation, a concealer and a blush and I had the chance to try them yesterday. They are perfect. It’s like no makeup makeup and so natural. I can say I’ve found my brand for the rest of my life. 

***Please go cruelty free, especially when it comes to cosmetics and help to stop animal testing. Respect animals.



2 thoughts on “Youngblood has my ♥!

  1. So that’s why you look so fresh! Because it’s not skin covered by pseudo skin!
    I wish we have that brand here… I used to be apathetic on the topic of animal testing but after I read an article on drug testing on animals (and even human embryos) with graphic images; it really broke my heart.

  2. It’s really really heartbreaking and unacceptable when it comes to cosmetics.
    I hope you find your favorite cruelty free brand as soon as possible. I’ve found mine a bit late but better late then never.

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