Five Things J’adore ♥


Winter keeps make its presence felt mercilessly here. Our winter clothes are around for a long time and yes, we wear even our beanies… I’m kind of addicted to hats and beanies. This year so far I haven’t bought a new hat but I have a new beanie which I really really like. But this Marco cap is so me! Anyone who wants to buy me a new year gift —> Marco Cap.

I need boots this winter. I’ve never wore this kind of boots, I mean ankle boots before. I prefered mostly a masculine style. But this year, I’m determined to wear a more feminine footwear. This Steve Madden boots are feminine enough for me. 

I’m really into long and loose cardigans. Who isn’t anyway? They are comfortable, cosy and lifesavers. The colors of this Bellone Cardigan is –again– so me. I ♥ everything Tsumori Chisato!

Aaaand girlfriend jeans. Last summer, a crazy “boyfriend jeans” trend was in. I don’t know if it continues but to be honest it was not for me. First, I’m old enough to know what would look good on me and these jeans -even if I’ve never tried- are not for me. Second, let your man keep his jeans. I honestly don’t like the look. BUT, to girlfriend jeans, I wouldn’t say no. I’m going to try them.


1. Vanessa Deutsch Marco Cap // 2. Steve Madden Neovista Boot // 3.Tsumori Chisato Bellone Long Cardigan // 4. Big Knife Pattern Sweater by Julien David // 5. Saint Honore Girlfriend Jeans


4 thoughts on “Five Things J’adore ♥

  1. No.4 is <3 !

    About boyfriend jeans btw… when I see those fashion blogs where they say they’re wearing “boyfriend jeans”; I honestly couldn’t tell because the ones they had on looks exactly like those jeans specifically tailored for women. Their “boyfriend jeans” looks totally not a hand-me-down from a guy or maybe I just don’t get the point. Because boyfriend jeans are supposed to realistically look way way baggier than what they wear.

  2. Yes, some of them actually look good on women because as you said they are like the “womanish version” of boyfriend jeans and I think skinnier you are, more beautiful it looks. In my case, there’s no way that it’d look good on me :/

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