cur son

Reading: Heart, Self & Soul by Robert Frager. It’s about spiritual tradition of Sufism and Sufi Psychology. I read it slowly because it needs full attention and concentration. So far so good.

Listening to: This playlist that my latina love Ana has sent me from the far far away. Some Colombian love is really a blessing in this world 

Watching: Sex And The City, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy. Old friend Carrie is my breakfast companion. I watch Grey’s Anatomy evenings in which Mr. T works late and Modern Family is our common addiction with him. I’m aware that there are really good movies out lately but this winter we want to go on theatre dates together.

Thinking about: Our new year’s card and a new blog layout.

We have this nice tradition since we’ve got married. We send a new year’s card to all our family and friends every year. This year, I want it to be a little humorous. I’ve an idea but first I have to ask Mr. T if he’s ok with that.

And a new layout. I love the simplicity of my current layout but I think I’m bored. I want something a bit more colorful.

Loving: My new booties and my new bag. We did a little shopping for me and I’m fully equipped and ready for winter now. Kisses for my sweet generous husband 

Making me happy: My new Zoya nail polishes. I’ve been looking for a an harmless, non-toxic and cruelty-free nail polish brand for a long time after I’ve found out how dangerous a nailpolish can be. Did you know that there are 2 main chemicals in a nailpolish that are really dangerous for you and for your baby if you are pregnant? Thanks to my sweet friend for this “healthy” gifts!

Enjoying: Sewing! I’m united with my sewing machine again. I’m going to sew underwear travel bags as soon as I buy zippers.

Hope you have a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Layout hopping is fun! But also, your current layout already looks great, clean, fun, and elegant. :)
    I wish I have a speaker here at work so I could listen to the playlist.

  2. So can we switch layouts? Because I really really like yours. The colours, the harmony, everything :)

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