Polished my look!

To be honest, I started to take care of myself, my health and my looks more and more after 30. My twenties were giddy like most of us. I’ve never thought I’d be obsessed with living healthy and green, never thought I’d be reading health and fitness books, try my best to understand my body, never thought I’d regret of all the unhealthy choices I’ve made in my life. And I’ve never thought I’d use a eyebrow pencil either.

I’m still trying to be the best version of myself both phsically and mentally and so far I can say I’ve learnt so much but still have tons of things to figure out. One of the vital things I’ve learnt ( especially for a woman ) is to take of your skin. The second is ; your eyebrows.

I’m really serious here. I never knew that the shape of an eyebrow can perfect your look. I can not believe I’ve had the wrong shape of eyebrows for years. They were formless and looking scruffy. The shape of my eyebrows was not correct for my face shape. Now I have the right shaped eyebrows and even the right hairstyle for my face and seriously I can see the change. With the right hairstyle, right makeup and right eyebrow your face can look flawless. They say knowing your face is the key to a stunning look.

So what have I learnt?

* I have an oblong face. Which means the lenght of my face almost doubles the width of it. The widest area on face is my forehead and the narrowest is my chin. I’m lucky I have high cheeckbones and small eyes.

** The right eyebrow shape for my oblong face is ” flat eyebrows” which means I shouldn’t arch them. So I had them restyled. I don’t have thick and dark eyebrows so I need to fill in them or permanent eyebrow dye can be a longer solution but I don’t prefer. In this case, my eyebrow pencil ( which I’ve bought just before I got married 3 years ago) is now my best friend.

*** Also I should avoid long hair. Chin-lenght bobs or long bobs ( like I have now ) are perect for me. I shouldn’t go too long. I can have waves, by the way I looove beach waves nowadays and try every single day!  Bangs also looks good on me ( yes, I had them cut ).

***** When it comes to makeup, somehow I was doing it correctly. I was right about highlighting and  contouring areas when it comes to serious makeup.


Here is a before/after comparision of my face. Maybe not much for you but I’m so happy with my new look because I feel like I had a major change though it was only a simple harmless touch.

2 thoughts on “Polished my look!

  1. That’s great :) In makeup, when I find what works for me the best in my own way, I feel like recreated :P

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