Ice For Aureliano Buendia

Last monday was a very special night for me. One of the best nights I’ve lived before 2014 ends.

If you know me or read my blog you may know that my all time favorite book is One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I seriously have no idea how many times I’ve read this amazing novel and again have no idea how many times more I’ll read it. I read it on last August again and I don’t know what it is in that novel that drags me into it but even now writing these words urges me to read it again and I know I will really soon.

And again if you read here, a few weeks ago I shared a track by Evgeny Grinko. He is a russian musician and I do love his music. Last monday night we went to his first concert in Ankara: Great artists, great music.

For the first time in my life, I have a work of an artist that is personally signed. It’s weird because I’m not that kind of person, I normally don’t care about meeting artists, performers or taking pictures with them or taking their autographs. But this one is very special. I’m happy I have it.

And if you still wonder why I wrote about my favorite book in this post about Evgeny Grinko and his great music, please pay attention to the album cover. Still no idea? Then you haven’t read this amazing book yet.


photo 2 (8) photo 1 (9)

6 thoughts on “Ice For Aureliano Buendia

  1. Yeah, I remember that track! I’m glad I was able to listen to it since some of the songs are not available for listening to in my country :(

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