a lot can happen in a year

2014 was really good to us. With all the love, joy and happiness, with all tears, health and work issues, in all with all the ups and downs, it was really really good and left us wonderful memories. I’m grateful for each of them.

We cozied up and completed one year in Ankara. We love living here and got used to it and enjoying more and more.

Mr. T also completed his one year in his new job. Although he is busy more than ever, he is happy to work there with nice people around him.

And again, we’ve been learning German for one year now. We’re proud to say our level is intermediate and we can speak with my sister’s husband fluently as he’s super German. :)

We spent wonderful time with families but sure it’s never enough.

Although we drove almost 60.000 km this year, we couldn’t visit a new country from our “Before We Shuffle off this Mortal Coil” list. But we had an amazing summer holiday.

We read good books ( Actually, I read good books because each book that Mr. T started to read, stayed  -and still stays- on his bedside ). My favorites are; The Magus, The Dinner and Among Women Only.

We saw good movies. My favorites are; The East, Ida, The Grand Budapest Hotel and  The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. True Detective was our favorite show without a doubt.

We eat good and healthy. Not 100% super healthy but we tried our best and I think we managed to improve our eating habits.

We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Not much to say, still not enough words to express my love for him. 

We said goodbye loved ones. Mr. T’s nana has passed away and two friends lost a parent. My prayers are always with them and their families.

As I said with all the tears and joy together, 2014 was good to us.  I hope 2015 loves us like 2014 did.




2 thoughts on “a lot can happen in a year

  1. I wish you and your lovely family a healthy and peaceful year Kim. I hope everything you dream of will come true in 2015.

  2. Ahh… good books, good movies, good food, and a treasured partner! Your 2014 sounds really good! :D I could also say that my 2014 has been generally more good than neutral but I can’t help but feel that 2015 would just be better. :)

    Happy New Year to both of you Fatos! :D

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